The Oxford Dictionary defines "perverse" as: 


Persistent in error; different from what is reasonable or required; peevish; perverted, wicked; (of verdict) against weight of evidence ......... 



The Oxford Dictionary defines "pervert" as:


Turn aside (thing) from its proper use or nature; misconstrue, misapply, (words etc); lead astray (person, mind) from right opinion or conduct ..........




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NOTE: If any council consistently interpret the law differently to other council's or the Courts, or that which the ordinary man in the street might think to be normal, that variance renders the council concerned perverted by definition.  It is a sad reflection on our nation that so many councils use their might unreasonably against so many ordinary people to get their own way - just because they can!



Perversion is a term and concept describing those types of human behavior that are perceived to be a deviation from what is considered orthodox or normal. It was originally defined as a "deviation from the original meaning or doctrine", literally a "turning aside" from the norm. The term pervert is a person in a state of perversion, though this term, referring to a person instead of a behavior, is generally used in a derogatory sense. Perversion, or perverse behavior, differs from deviant behavior, which describes a recognized violation of social rules or norms (though the two terms can apply to the same behavior).


The term most often refers to "sexual perversions", more neutrally called paraphilias, many of which can contribute to sex crimes. The term, in a general sense, is most often applied to the more abnormal or disturbed types of sexual behavior, mainly those involving compulsion and coercion. Used casually, the term can be meant to simply describe someone who is seen as having "dirty", "unnatural" or ambiguous thoughts.


Still, the definition and usage of the concept can vary by such variables as time, person, religion, and culture; and what some would describe as perversion, others might say is simply a variant form of human sexuality. Homosexuality was once considered to be a perversion, but is now widely seen as a natural sexual variation.


The verb form of the term, in general usage, simply means to turn something away from its natural state (or what is perceived to be its natural state.) For example, one might say that the modern film version of Romeo and Juliet "perverted" Shakespeare's version of the story.




In a similar sense, the term was also used in the pre-Vatican II era by some Roman Catholics to describe the process of converting from Roman Catholicism to Protestantism. Whereas a protestant who joined Roman Catholicism was described as a convert, a Catholic who became a Protestant was called a pervert. The phrase is no longer used by mainstream Catholicism, though traditional Catholics occasionally still use it.






Directed by:  Jonathan Yudis

Writing credits:  Mike Davis

Genre: Comedy / Horror 

Tagline: Sex! Death! Freedom!

Plot Summary: 


A word. What is the pervert? Sex freak, deranged degenerate, disturbed diabolical psychotic subversive embracer of things both erotic and erratic. What is to pervert? The twist of an object, phrase or ideal in such a way it was never intended or even imagined. Who is the pervert? Why, that's another story altogether... A young man (Sean Andrews as "James") comes to spend the summer at the remote desert ranch of his father (Darrell Sandeen as "Hezekiah") in hopes of repairing their estranged relationship only to find that he's become a psychotic madman. But who is responsible for the bizarre murders James has uncovered? Hezekiah pins the blame on his son, and after a series of unexplainable incidents, James begins to doubt his own suspicions. Little does he know that the real killer lurks just under his nose!

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Cast overview, first billed only:

Mary Carey


Sean Andrews


Darrell Sandeen


Juliette Clarke


Sally Jean


Jonathan Yudis




Candice Hussain


Malik Carter


Edmund Johnson

Witch Doctor


Montage Babe

Aurelie Sanchez


William Yudis

Baby Mechanic

Jason Consoli

Frat Boy

Andy Curtain

Frat Boy






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