Secret societies and corrupt local officials, a matter of some concern for HM Queen Elizabeth




The Wealden Action Group (WAG) was an organisation consisting of a number of volunteer members of the public dedicated to sharing information of local cases, so the public may be better informed. Unfortunately, the member of the group that sorted their website passed away - and that website is no more. The following headings remain on this site in honour of Roger Brown, a stout fellow and industrious tree grower.


You will not be surprised to learn the Wealden District Council purchased Mr Brown's domain name - to stop any more of their transgressions seeing the light of day on that site. The purchase is an admission of guilt and proof of their efforts to prevent complainant's imparting this information as per Article 10.


What is germane to the group, is that they all (12 unrelated members of the public) alleged misconduct in public office amounting to malfeasance. Malfeasance is the criminal version of misfeasance in public office. Once there is an attempt to cover up misfeasance, it become a matter for the police to investigate.


In this case the police force failed to contact a single member of the public for their statements. In fact the Sussex Police made no effort at all to collect evidence that might lead to a prosecution of any officer or member of the council concerned. They then presented no information to the Crown Prosecution Service (CPS) to prevent the CPS from even having the opportunity of bringing a case. Why? Because top ranking officers of Sussex Police are mates with high ranking officers at WDC. They may even be accepting bribes to look the other way, or more likely, planning favors - a new kind of currency is the corrupt England that we live in. And that is one of the main reasons for the shortage of affordable housing.


That of course makes Sussex Police a party to the offences and co-conspirators in an attempt to pervert the course of justice.


What this country needs badly, is a case precedent, where a police force is exposed for aiding and abetting a crooked council.




Aerial photographs - and how they use them

Ashley Brown - The District Planning Officer

'Best Demolition' disposes of materials for Wealden

Bridge Poultry's Flooding

Bridge Poultry's new road

Bushy Wood Stables get smashed

Case Law

Civil Rights

Councillors resign because of planning officers' secrecy

Cross examining Ian Kay -Deputy District Planning Officer



Enforcement - the D L Philips enforcer's way

Government policy

Hackhurst Lane piggeries


Health and Safety

Local Cases

Local Councillors list - with email addresses

Missing documents

Lord Newton's Petition

Missing photographs


Planning permission at 2k a go ?

Standards - for some

Stream Farm

Survival guide

Sussex Act 1981

'Bully Town' - an anti-corruption website

*** Bunny Best and Dapper Dave ***

How Bunny Best (contractor) and David Philips (Wealden Planning) work together

The full monty on a recent Bunny Best and Dapper Dave arrangement

*** Local Councillor had enough of Wealden's corruption ***

Quote from this site's Guestbook entry by a local Councillor - 23rd March 2004

"I am just in the process of resigning from my parish council because I am fed up with Wealden.
They do not have any precedents in Wealden about planning
If you are a developer and you can fight Wealden you get what you want, if not, tough.
We have been turned down for plans and when developers put one in even if the whole parish is against it they get it.

We have always said that Wealden planners are corrupt but never can prove it because we dont know the system."


And is the Head of Planning Ian Kay related to Council contractor Bunny Best ?
And has the Head of Planning enforcement David Philips been proven to misinform the authorities ?
in the Banana Republic of Wealden District Council
(source I.P. num ber on record)

*** Wealden Planning Officer Mr Elphick's ***

"now you see it, now you don't" technique
Planning application not quite right ? ..... leave it to Mr Elphick
...... and does money change hands ?
Would an officer with Elphick's ethics be as manna from heaven for a Bent Councillor ?
* Similar case report in the Guardian where two planning officers have been suspended * * And how a corrupt Councillor got 18 months imprisonment for misconduct in public office *

*** Wealden dragged before Human Rights Court ***

Sussex Express front page report
Wealden Councillors and officers forced to appear before the Human Rights Court
by a local man after an incredible 21 years planning battle !
and spending a fortune in public funds pressuring him

*** Wealden's planning Appeal evidence stunt ***

is their late "tuck-you-up" submission technique
They send their documents to the Inspectorate on time, but only send you your copy just before the hearing

( ..... and by hand, so there's no postmark on the envelope ! )

*** Wealden's conspiracy with Criminals ? ***

See Hackhurst Lane piggeries
By Anne Harris, noting that one of the solicitors on the criminal landlord's team was an ex WDC solicitor who had now returned to Wealden as their enforcement solicitor. Geoff Johnson (Wealden lawyer) page

*** Wanted - house planning permission at 2,000 a go ***

More information and evidence like THIS please - house planning permission at 2k a go !
You pay your money and you get your consent - or is it the other way around ?

*** Wealden Councillors resign because planning officers ***

keep information Secret from them !
See Councillors resign because of planning officers' secrecy
By Cllrs Blake and Glover, publicly claiming that planning officials act without informing councillors.

*** Ombudsman's Reports on Wealden ***

Report No 1 Report No 2 Report No 3
A growing range of formal reports showing maladministration at Wealden District Council.

*** Lord Newton's "impartial" Petition ***

See Lord Newton's "impartial" Petition
Against Wealden District Council Officers using false, selective and misleading information in their reports in order to obtain the planning or enforcement results of their choice.

*** Wealden Refuse Water Supply ***

by Systematically Obstructive Behaviour
New bottled natural water well refused despite all the evidence in it's favour

*** WD/02/0892 - APP/C1435/A/03/1111177 - 2003 ***

See Response to Bridge Poultry's Planning Appeal
Published for the Planning Inspector and the Public.
The Inspector's Decision Letter to be published when issued

With thanks to the Wealden Action Group and other Action Groups across the country for the supply of real case history and supporting documents.
















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