Annual General Meeting, Chichester, Spofforths, Don Wales and Nelson Kruschandl, transcript




    Vs       Vs  







(Don Wales & Rachel Elsworth enter the meeting room.)

Rachel Elsworth: Good morning.

Don Wales:  Good morning.

Nelson Kruschandl: Hi

DW: You Rachel Elsworth?

RE: I am yes. Okay. (long silence) Right, fire away. Excuse me. I haven’t done this before

DW: Are you going to chair it, or ..

RE: No. you’re quite welcome to er… carry on. I’ll just sit and take notes and be quiet.

DW: Okay. …… (long silence) Okay?

RE: Start off…

DW: Er. Sorry, um. ……. ….. if you’ve had time to read the minutes from the last meeting. 

NK: Okay yes. 

DW: Well, the appointment of Chairman, er, is that the chairman for this meeting, 

RE: Whoever is the chairman of the company.

DW: Well, sole director .. 

RE: It’s you.

DW: Yes……..I assume the position of the meeting, for the chairman. Er, minutes of the previous annual general meeting. Copy of them……… the last meeting. Approve the minutes ……………………..

NK: I don’t know if I approve them. But, I’ve seen them.

DW Well. You have a 49% shareholding in the company, so …………

NK Umm.

DW The meeting was held .. and … er the minutes followed.. so

NK Yep. Fine.

DW Carried. Errr notice ……….ing the meeting. Err… approve the er, the company accounts for this year, isn’t it.

RE That was the notice that I sent out.

DW Oh, right.

RE ………page…………………………

DW ……… er, register of directors shareholdings. Um, well I’m the sole director and I have 51% shareholding, of the company, um. There are other shareholdings as well.

RE Yes

DW ……..

RE …….

DW Er, directors reports and accounts for the year ended June 1999. 

RE Have you got a copy.

NK Yes, I’ve got a copy.







Well, you may agree that that is an interesting start. How, we wonder did Mr Wales obtain his 2 share advantage over Mr Kruschandl - and for what purpose was that share advantage to be put. 


The copyright of this recording and transcript is vested in the shareholder authorising (making) such recording. Apart from Article 10, it has been recognised by a British court that in matters of dispute an audio recording and subsequent transcript is admissible evidence. Similar law applies in the USA. We will publish the remaining transcript as this story develops. It being in the public interest.




Wikipedia - strategic_lawsuit_against_public_participation

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