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Wartling is a village and civil parish in the Wealden District of East Sussex, England. The village is located between Bexhill and Hailsham, ten miles (16 km) west of the latter, and at the northern edge of the Pevensey Levels. The parish includes the two settlements of Wartling itself and Boreham Street, two miles (3 km) to the north-east on the A271 road to the north. There are seven members on the Wartling Parish Council.

Wartling is mentioned in the Domesday Book, when there was a chapel there. The current church, dedicated to St Mary Magdalene and linked with that at Herstmonceux, was built in the 13th century, probably on the same site as the chapel had been. As with many villages on the Weald the iron industry flourished here in the 17th and 18th centuries.





Keith Stevens


Keith Stevens - Chairman
07554 048670


Planning, Health & Emergency Planning

Richard Lawrence - Vice Chairman
01323 831992 or 07801 945084
Community & Communications (WebMaster) Rural Broadband Speed Watch

Alison Hillman - Clerk to Wartling Council
07501 676569

Parish Council Clerk, Finance

Michael Corfield  - Councillor
01323 831981 or  07971429962



Christopher Paterson - Councillor
01323 832853

Village Hall Trust, Environment South

Daren Permaul
- Councillor
07912 631828
Footpaths, Environment North


Andrew Holbrook - Councillor
01323 831915

Highways, Police & Crime 




Wartling Parish Councillor - Channel4 Planning Outlaws broadcast


The Pevensey Levels have not been surveyed since at least 2009 and it is unclear as to what that survey revealed. We tried to obtain copy of the data for this area and were told:-




This is an automatically generated message from the NBN Gateway - DO NOT REPLY

The administrator of the dataset "SxBRC Full dataset for Environment Agency and Natural England use only.", held on the NBN Gateway, has not granted you access. You made a request access to this dataset on 19 Sep 2013.


Thank you for your data request via the NBN Gateway. We're unable to allow access to all species data for the whole of Sussex to you but will be more than happy to provide you with desktop biodiversity reports for the sites that you need data for.

We ask that all data requests are submitted via our information request form for the site(s) in question, the form can be found on our website: http://sxbrc.org.uk/data-requests/ and you will need to pick 'Commercial user'.

You can see what is included in a desktop biodiversity report if you download the demo report from this webpage:  http://sxbrc.org.uk/data-requests/data-request-options/

Although the data itself is free we do charge a fee to cover our administration of the data.

All best wishes, Penny  NBNGateway@nbn.org.uk






  Planning Outlaws, neighbour Pevensey, East Sussex




Channel4 Planning Outlaws broadcast - During a TV broadcast about a planning issue on the Pevensey Levels, this participant accused the owner of land of flouting the law. Having seen that broadcast, we should correct the gentleman: In planning law all development is lawful until it is challenged successfully with an enforcement notice - and that notice is upheld on appeal. Thus, the owner of the land was simply exercising his right to test a development. This is an Article 8 convention right. We wonder if the fact that the landowner is not native to the UK has anything to do with it? The owner of the land acted strictly correctly in law. The same cannot be said for the vandal that smashed two ornamental statues. We wonder if there was any investigation as to the criminal damage - and if there was, what was the outcome?








The NE Board has corporate responsibility for ensuring that Natural England fulfils the aims and objectives set by the Secretary of State. The main roles of the Board are to establish Natural Englandís strategy, approve direction and review performance of the organisation. As a local and national authority, they are bound by Section 6 of the Human Rights Act 1998, being that they must not violate any of the Articles of the European Convention. In particular they must act without discrimination and fairly, such as to comply with Articles 14 and 6.


There have though been cases where bias has been a feature of case handling. We are following a live case at the moment, being handled by Cath Jackson and Sue Beale, where permissions had been agreed and a landowner at great financial cost made adjustments, but then having agreed those adjustments would be acceptable, Natural England then sought to prosecute the landowner, even where he had permission from the local council for certain works, and there was no danger to any wildlife being caused by other works, which were to protect grazing animals, that otherwise might escape and either drown, or become a danger to nearby road users.


The burning question is, do any members of staff or the Board have any financial interests in the Wartling area? We will be writing to Natural England seeking assurances and clarification if necessary.




Natural England's lawyers fighting over the carcass of a farmer on Pevensey Levels.





Andrew Hopkin, Browne Jacobson LLP, solicitors













Natural England people






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