Are they working for you or against you or for themselves? Don't forget that each member has their own agenda. In many cases this conflicts with their duty to represent the people



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Climate Change Criminals (CCC): It's business as usual at Wealden. It looks to us like they could not give a fig about global warming and what their contribution to the carbon dioxide bubble is going to do to generations to come. All they want to do is snatch their Infrastructure Levies and as much Council Tax as they can per unit area of land that they effectively control, such that they can squander this money on anything but decent roads, parking facilities with charging points for electric vehicles, or schools. What are they like, these officers and members who will (more than likely) go down in history as some of the Climate Thugs who sold out Planet Earth. Our vote goes to Greta Thunberg, a fifteen year old girl who has more Climate Conscience than all of all of the money grabbers at Wealden put together.




GRETA THUNBERG - is a Swedish climate activist. At the COP24 climate talks in Poland, Decembel 2018, Miss Thunberg addressed the Secretary-General of the United Nations. She received a standing ovation for one of her talks. She is behind the global school strike created to call attention to climate change. She is a rebel. With a cause. Thunberg is 15 and autistic and the newest, youngest and most powerful voice on the world stage demanding the world address global warming. Go Greta!



Well water under pressure from property developers


WATER CONTAMINATION OFFENCES - If houses are built on the hill that supplies the last surviving well in Herstmonceux, all of those who presently enjoy a sustainable water supply are likely to be poisoned by pesticides from the gardens of the proposed housing. In addition, where the hard standings of the proposed 70 houses are to be gully drained to a point lower than the twin wells, soakage that supplies the wells will be diverted away potentially starving the wells of water, save that from the garden areas. The amusing cartoon above portrays the situation that perhaps the developers were not aware of, when they bought into a situation that they should have been able to rely on. Unfortunately, the council concerned and the advisers to the original applicants appear to have been less diligent than they might have been in the rush to profit from a windfall situation.




WHO IS LEADING WHO - Councillor Robert Standley was still the Leader of Wealden District Council into 2019 with special exceptions as to building around his home yet to be explained! How is that possible in a democracy where our Prime Minister and the US President are limited as to terms of office? Any 'Leader' should be subject to a maximum term and the interests of such heads should be the subject of scrutiny as to member finances and interests during such term. The Representation of the People and Local Government Acts have this to say about pecuniary interests and banning from standing at local elections: See Representation of the People and Local Government Acts below. Wealden is led by Conservative thinking with a twist in an age that requires more Green Party thinking if we are to avoid global meltdown.


The Wealden Action Group was formed to combat identified discriminatory practices stemming from a regime that one might care to put into context as to being ruthless by comparing the (former) key players to those of the Third Reich in Nazi Germany. We call this the bad old days of Wealden. Unfortunately, there are still a few lingering doubts as to eradication of those responsible for civil atrocities - once again it is helpful to compare this regime with World War Two personalities to put things into perspective. Our objective is to keep tabs on the situation where power corrupts and absolute power corrupts absolutely as Adolf Hitler amply demonstrated with The Holocaust. Councils across England should note that the recording of history as an archive of malfeasance will come back to bite you on the behind - if you allow corrupt practices to gain a foothold within your administration - because we now live in the digital information age, where outrageous abuse of positions of trust can go viral at any time. Why not see if you can identify yourself as shadows of the characters that gave us films like Inglourious Basterds and SS officer Hans Landa.



Over development in the country is a rape of the land


AREA PLANS SOUTH MAJOR OUTLINE FOUL UP - We are investigating what appears to us to be a significant contamination case in the making. It is proposed that the houses to the left on the above plan are are built on the hill that supplies an ancient well serving a number of local interests. Contamination and water is high on the agenda in all areas save for protecting the historic asset.


Soakage tests have been conducted by a chain of would-be developers to allay the obvious conclusion, that herbicides and pesticides from the proposed gardens on the hill will not find their way into the groundwater that feeds this well, so poisoning that well. The long list of developers include Gleeson Developments, Clarion Housing Group, Thakeham Homes and Latimer Developments (the site owner). We consider this to be a shameful rape of the countryside, in an appalling stampede to riches, by extorting high rents from those less fortunate - who will then become financial slaves - most likely for the rest of their lives.


The site was first purchased by Tim Watson many years ago, presumably waiting for an opportunity to strike when planning laws relating to green field sites might be relaxed, or the Local Plan changed to encompass his little nest-egg. In this case the exception was to do with Major developments, that seem to have been given the green-light all over the country, with Council's such as Wealden doing their best to appease developers and rake in extra Community Infrastructure Levy, in the hope of being able to charge more rates - to keep their highly paid officers in a life of luxury.


Kelvin Williams helped to push this application through to grant by not telling the whole truth to the members and ignoring his council's obligations to protect local historic assets, such as the ancient well and those water rights. The current case officers are Claire Turner and Christopher Bending.




KELVIN WILLIAMS - Is on record as misquoting both Local and National policies as per the Order of the Court in the case of Berwick village and an application by Firle Estate ([Lord or] Henry Gauge WD/2016/1659/MAJ). As in the case of the Herstmonceux application number WD/2015/0090/MAO the members were misinformed as to the correct interpretation of policies, thereby invalidating the permission granted. This was formerly application WD/2014/2663/MAO by Tim Watson. The point here is that our Parish Council were also mislead by Mr Williams and Marina Brigginshaw - and that includes all of the public who attended in the village hall - and it was packed. Clearly then, the officers of Wealden District Council operate as a team, no matter how distorted their advice to committee, or indeed any other audience is.




UCKFIELD NEWS JULY 23 2015 - Wealden Council planning policy has been dealt a second blow within a matter of weeks.

First came news of a defeat at the Court of Appeal over its 7km Ashdown Forest protection zone and now a planning inspector has overturned a decision to refuse permission for 103 new homes to be built at Steel Cross, Crowborough.

The Steel Cross site was not included in the council’s Core Strategy, falls within what used to be the 7km protection area and is within an Area of Outstanding Natural Beauty.

The planning inspector’s ruling can be seen on the Wealden Council website. Follow this link, scroll to Group: Appeal Documentation and see Appeal Decision at the top of the list.

The council has reacted to the news saying it will go to the High Court if necessary to challenge the outcome.
Ashdown Forest

In addition the council says that following the Court of Appeal decision which forced it to remove the 7km Ashdown Forest protection zone it has decided that, in future, development proposals within an increased area of the Ashdown Forest – 15km – will come under scrutiny to counter potential habitat harm there.

Wealden Council says this move is “a direct result of a challenge mounted by landowners to the council’s protection policy”.

It says visitor surveys used to gauge the recreational pressure on Ashdown Forest have shown that Wealden residents visiting it come from around 15km of the Ashdown Forest Special Protection Area.

But, the council says, mitigation measures which will counter potential habitat harm are being brought forward which will enable “smaller sustainable developments” to proceed in the 15km area.

The council says such proposals will still rely on the Suitable Alternative Natural Green Space, Strategic Access management and Monitoring Strategy and other mitigation schemes.

Cllr Ann Newton, Wealden cabinet portfolio holder for planning said: “The progress we have now made is an opportunity to move forward with a range of smaller sustainable developments which are not reliant on building on greenfield sites close to the forest.”

Cllr Newton added: “Whilst I am happy to see that we are now in a position to see certain development with the mitigation take place, it is not open season for unsustainable speculative development in Ashdown Forest and surrounding areas.”

Steel Cross, Crowborough - At the same time as announcing the update on measures to protect the Ashdown Forest Cllr Newton commented on the Steel Cross planning appeal decision.

She said the council would be “robustly” challenging the planning inspector’s decision and taking it to the High Court if necessary.

“Many people have been justifiably disappointed with the outcome of the Steel Cross housing site appeal in Crowborough.

“The planning inspector’s decision grants planning permission in an Area of Outstanding Natural Beauty, and the house numbers exceed any development targets set out in our adopted and sound Core Strategy Local Plan.”

Cllr Newton added: “As a forward-thinking council, we appreciate the need to allocate land in appropriate areas for housing growth. This should be undertaken in a planned and sustainable way that does not impact upon our environment and not be wholly developer led.

“This will form part of the 2015 review of the Local Plan which we are currently undertaking in line with our original Core Strategy.”




THE WISHES OF THE MANY - In our view Mr Edmonds and the Ministers contacted are justifiably concerned as to Wealden District Council ignoring the wishes of the public and the needs of our wounded soldiers. Council officers are civil servants, not gods sitting on a throne deciding who gets what and the price it is going to cost them. All to often, councils put a legal spanner in the works just to hike up those costs to make whatever the proposal is too expensive to pursue. In this manner they retain their empire and build their part at the expense of the taxpayer who is more than likely not being fairly represented by the members of these councils. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=LAo-xyIEEkI


Typically, members have conflicts of interest that are under-reported. Wealden is the only council who refused a researcher copy of their register when he found an entry changed with tippex to reflect what should have happened but did not. A totally different outcome was retrospectively logged in the register to that which had actually happened to cover up an officer breaching Sections 94 and 95 of the Local Government Act 1972. Will Sussex Police investigate? Bet they won't - AGAIN!



Uckfield News Ashdown Forest rule Court of Appeal overturns council decision


UCKFIELD NEWS JULY 9 2015 - 7km Ashdown Forest rule dropped but council says developers must prove plans will not harm forest. The Ashdown Forest 7km rule has been removed from Wealden District Council’s Core Strategy Local Plan.



Representation of the People Act 1983 - 1983 CHAPTER 2

Section - 159 Candidate reported guilty of corrupt or illegal practice

(1) If a candidate who has been elected is reported by an election court personally guilty or guilty by his agents of any corrupt or illegal practice his election shall be void.

(2) A candidate at a parliamentary election shall also be incapable from the date of the report of being elected to and sitting in the House of Commons for the constituency for which the election was held or any constituency which includes the whole or any part of the area of the first-mentioned constituency as constituted for the purposes of the election—

(a) if reported personally guilty of a corrupt practice, for ten years;

(b) if reported guilty by his agents of a corrupt practice or personally guilty of an illegal practice, for seven years;

(c) if reported guilty by his agents of an illegal practice, during the Parliament for which the election was held.

(3) A candidate at an election under the local government Act shall also be incapable from the date of the report of holding any corporate office in the local government area for which the election was held, or in any local government area which includes the whole or any part of the area of the first-mentioned local government area as constituted for the purposes of the election, or, if the election was in Scotland, of holding any corporate office in Scotland—

(a) if reported personally guilty of a corrupt practice, for ten years,

(b) if reported guilty by his agents of a corrupt practice, for three years,

(c) if reported personally guilty or guilty by his agents of an illegal practice, during the period for which the candidate was elected to serve or for which if elected he might have served,

and if at the date of the report he holds any such corporate office, then the office shall be vacated as from that date. In this subsection " corporate office " in England and Wales means the office of chairman, mayor or councillor of a county, London borough, district or parish or community council or of chairman of a parish or community meeting; and in Scotland the office of councillor of any local authority.

(4) The provisions of this section as to the consequences of the report that a candidate was guilty by his agents of a corrupt or illegal practice have effect subject to the express provisions of this Act relating to particular acts which are declared to be corrupt or illegal practices.




CROWBOROUGH LIFE 12 FEBRUARY 2015 - Pine Grove can be converted into an Enterprise Hub. This morning (Thursday 12th February) Wealden’s Planning Committee unanimously approved Crowborough Community Association’s application for change of use, enabling Pine Grove to be converted into an Enterprise Centre.


Afterwards in the reception area, Council Leader Bob Standley took questions from the campaigners, who had travelled down to Hailsham by coach for the meeting. With jeers of being ‘anti-Crowborough’ and ‘it’s a stitch-up’, campaigners repeatedly questioned Cllr Standley as to why Wealden District Council granted preferred bidder status to Bouygues to build an extra care facility on the site.

Cllr Standley explained Wealden District Council will consider the recent bid from Crowborough Town Council to buy WDC’s former officers in Crowborough, but that at present their offer was subject to consultation with residents and securing finance. Cllr David Larkin pointed-out the rival bid from Bouygues was subject to them getting planning permission.

Under planning procedures, buildings can have any number of different planning consents approved. The next hurdle will be the consultation with Crowborough residents about the Town Council taking-out a massive loan to buy the freehold and convert the building. At the recent extra-ordinatory Town Council meeting, Councillors said they planned to write to households and hold public meetings about the increase in Council Tax for the project, to explain fully what they were proposing to do 





Dick Angel
Councillor Dick Angel

Heathfield Nth & Cenrl - Cons


KIevin Balsdon
Councillor Kevin Balsdon

Pevensey and Westham - Cons


Jo Bentley
Councillor Jo Bentley

Hailsham South and West - Cons


Councillor Bob Bowdler

Heathfield East - Cons


Linda Clark
Councillor Lin Clark

Pevensey and Westham - Cons

Deputy Chairman Standards


Nicholas Collinson
Councillor Nicholas Collinson

Hailsham Central & North - Cons

Portfolio Community Leadership Human Resources


Nigel Coltman
Councillor Nigel Coltman

Hailsham Central and North - Cons

Chairman of Licensing


Dianne Dear
Councillor Dianne Dear

Pevensey and Westham - Cons

Dep Chair of Planning South


Phil Dixon
Councillor Phil Dixon

Rotherfield - Conservative

Dep Chair of Audit Finance


Pam Doodes
Councillor Pam Doodes

Ninfield & Hooe with Wartling

Conservative - Vice-Chairman


Claire Dowling
Councillor Claire Dowling

Uckfield Central - Cons

Dep Ldr Public Health Safety


Janet Dunk
Councillor Jan Dunk

Heathfield North & Central - Conservative


Philip Ede
Councillor Philip Ede

Alfriston - Conservative


Helen Firth
Councillor Helen Firth

Uckfield New Town - Cons


Jonica Fox
Councillor Jonica Fox

Cross-in-Hand/ Five Ashes - Conservative


Roy Galley
Councillor Roy Galley

Danehill/ Fletching/ Nutley - Cons

Portfolio Economic Dev & Waste Man


Richard Grocock
Councillor Richard Grocock

Hailsham South and West - Cons


Chris Hardy
Councillor Chris Hardy

Hartfield - Cons- Chairman




Jim Hollins
Councillor Jim Hollins

Crowborough West - Cons


Peter Holloway
Councillor Peter Holloway

Forest Row - Conservative


Johanna Howell
Councillor Johanna Howell

Frant/ Withyham - Cons

Ch Planning North


Toby Illingworth
Councillor Toby Illingworth

Buxted & Maresfield - Cons



Stephen Isted
Councillor Stephen Isted

Crowborough Jarvis Brook - Independent


Andrew Andy Long
Councillor Andy Long

Herstmonceux - Cons


Michael Lunn
Councillor Michael Lunn

Buxted & Maresfield - Cons


Phillip Lunn
Councillor Philip Lunn

Crowborough East - Cons


Barry Marlowe
Councillor Barry Marlowe

Uckfield Ridgewood - Cons

Dep Ch Licensing


Rowena Moore
Councillor Rowena Moore

Forest Row - Conservative


Kay Moss
Councillor Kay Moss

Crowborough St Johns - Cons

Dep Chair Overview & Scrutiny


Douglas Murray
Councillor Douglas Murray

Willingdon - Conservative


Anne Newton
Councillor Ann Newton

Framfield - Cons

Portfolio Planning & Dev


Amanda O'Rawe
Councillor Amanda O'Rawe

Hailsham East - Conservative


Mark Pinkney
Councillor Mark Pinkney

Hellingly - Conservative


Dr Brian Redman
Councillor Dr Brian Redman

Mayfield - Conservative

Chairman of Standards Committee


Ronald Reed
Councillor Ronald Reed

Crowborough North - Conservative


Carol Reynolds
Councillor Carol Reynolds

Uckfield North - Cons







Greg Rose
Councillor Greg Rose

Crowborough East - Cons

Chair Overview & Scrutiny


Peter Roundell
Councillor Peter Roundell

Danehill/ Fletching/ Nutley - Cons

Chairman Audit Finance


William Rutherford
Councillor William Rutherford

Frant/ Withyham - Cons


Daniel Shing
Councillor Daniel Shing

Polegate South - Ind Democrat


Oi-Lin Shing
Councillor Oi Lin Shing

Polegate North - Ind Democrat


Raymond Shing
Councillor Raymond Shing

Willingdon - Independent Democrat


Stephen Shing
Councillor Stephen Shing

Willingdon - Independent Democrat


Angela Snell
Councillor Angela Snell

Polegate North - Conservative


Robert Standley
Councillor Robert Standley

Wadhurst - Conservative

Leader of the Council


Susan Stedman
Councillor Susan Stedman

Horam - Conservative

Chair Planning South


Roger Thomas
Councillor Roger Thomas

Heathfield North & Central - Cons


Jeannetter Towey
Councillor Jeannette Towey

Crowborough West - Cons


Chris Triandafyllou
Councillor Chriss Triandafyllou

Hailsham South and West - Cons


Peter Waldock
Councillor Peter Waldock

Uckfield North - Cons


Neil Waller
Councillor Neil Waller

Crowborough North - Cons

Dep Chair Planning North


David Watts
Councillor David Watts

Chiddingly & East Hoathly - Cons


Graham Wells
Councillor Graham Wells

Wadhurst - Cons

Portfolio Housing & Benefits


David White
Councillor David White

Hellingly - Independent


John Wilton
Councillor John Wilton

East Dean - Conservative


Dick Angel - Jo Bentley - John Blake - Bob Bowdler - Don Broadbent - Norman Buck - Raymond Cade - John Carvey - Lin Clark
Nicholas Collinson - Nigel Coltman - Ronald Cussons - Barby Dashwood-Morris - Dianne Dear - Phil Dixon - Pam Doodes

  Claire Dowling - Jan Dunk - Louise Eastwood - Philip Ede - Helen Firth - Jonica Fox - Roy Galley - Richard Grocock - Chris Hardy

Steve Harms - Jim Hollins - Peter Holloway - Johanna Howell - Toby Illingworth - Stephen Isted - David Larkin - Andy Long - Michael Lunn

Barry Marlowe - Nigel McKeeman - Huw Merriman - Rowena Moore - Kay Moss - Douglas Murray - Ann Newton - Ken Ogden

Amanda O'RaweCharles R Peck - Diane Phillips - Mark Pinkney - Major Antony Quin RM - Ronald Reed - Dr. Brian Redman

Carol Reynolds - Greg Rose - Peter Roundell - William Rutherford - Daniel Shing - Oi Lin Shing - Raymond Shing - Stephen Shing

Robert Standley - Susan Stedman - Bill Tooley - Jeanette Towey - Stuart Towner - Chriss Triandafyllou - Peter Waldock

Neil Waller - David Watts - Mark Weaver -Graham Wells - David White - John Wilton





Local Government Act 1972

94 Disability of members of authorities for voting on account of interest in contracts, etc.

(1) Subject to the provisions of section 97 below, if a member of a local authority has any pecuniary interest, direct or indirect, in any contract, proposed contract or other matter, and is present at a meeting of the local authority at which the contract or other matter is the subject of consideration, he shall at the meeting and as soon as practicable after its commencement disclose the fact and shall not take part in the consideration or discussion of the contract or other matter or vote on any question with respect to it.

(2) If any person fails to comply with the provisions of subsection (1) above he shall for each offence be liable on summary conviction to a fine not exceeding [F1level 4 on the standard scale] unless he proves that he did not know that the contract, proposed contract or other matter in which he had a pecuniary interest was the subject of consideration at that meeting.

(3) A prosecution for an offence under this section shall not be instituted except by or on behalf of the Director of Public Prosecutions.

(4) A local authority may by standing orders provide for the exclusion of a member of the authority from a meeting of the authority while any contract, proposed contract or other matter in which he has a pecuniary interest, direct or indirect, is under consideration.





95 Pecuniary interests for purposes of section 94.

(1) For the purposes of section 94 above a person shall be treated, subject to the following provisions of this section and to section 97 below, as having indirectly a pecuniary interest in a contract, proposed contract or other matter, if —

(a) he or any nominee of his is a member of a company or other body with which the contract was made or is proposed to be made or which has a direct pecuniary interest in the other matter under consideration; or

(b) he is a partner, or is in the employment, of a person with whom the contract was made or is proposed to be made or who has a direct pecuniary interest in the other matter under consideration.

(2) Subsection (1) above does not apply to membership of or employment under any public body, and a member of a company or other body shall not by reason only of his membership be treated as having an interest in any contract, proposed contract or other matter if he has no beneficial interest in any securities of that company or other body.

(3) In the case of married persons living together the interest of one spouse shall, if known to the other, be deemed for the purpose of section 94 above to be also an interest of the other.

[F1(4) In the case of civil partners living together the interest of one civil partner, shall, if known to the other, be deemed for the purpose of section 94 above to be also an interest of the other.]


WOW! - That appears to disqualify a large number of our members from voting, but will the voting stop? We doubt it. Members should be in no doubt that they should leave the chamber when an item they have an interest in is next on the Agenda.




Vicarage Lane, Hailsham, East Sussex, BN27 2AX T: 01323 443322



CONSERVATIVES - What cost to the country incompetence?  Sloppiness, Negligence and the failure of Members and Officers to declare their interests?





* The residents of Wealden District Council (WDC) are obliged to pay one of the highest rate levies in the country.


* This council's Monitoring Officer refuses to report his administrative errors and other reported injustices to the members of the council as required by law.  Ignorance is bliss for the councillors and hell for the electorate.


* This council has been found guilty of maladministration several times since 1989.


* This council has been severely criticised by Planning Inspectors, the County Court and the High Court for its unreasonable behaviour.


* The Nolan Committee recommend no council officer serves more than 5 years to prevent cosy relationships forming.  In Wealden DC most senior officers have served 15 years or more and enjoy working with outside consultants, who employ ex council officers.  Clearly, this is a recipe for disaster.


*The Nolan Committee recommend a new crime: "misfeasance in public office" should be added to the statute books.


* Some cases would be so damaging to this council, if they came into the public domain, this council have obtained gagging orders when settling claims of compensation.





Until the safety net is restored with a fully functional Monitoring Officer, so that members may know the true scale of the impropriety within the Planning and Legal departments, ratepayers money will continue to be squandered to cover up the facts, money going to preserve the jobs of professional staff unwilling to admit their mistakes and keen to hang in there for an enhanced early retirement.


Members who challenge officers on any issue will find themselves the subject of embarrassing rebukes, formal letters from officers reminding them of their duties, etc.  The plain fact is, the officers work for the Members and the Members represent the electorate.  All too often we find cases where officers have accused Members of impropriety in public, to eliminate these members from the decision making process.  It works because the Member so accused is then forced to declare an interest and excuse himself.  This tactic is adopted when an officer is about to be exposed and is a last resort.  However, these tactics are also contrary to the Council's constitution, where such public accusations hardly boost public confidence in the integrity of the Council.  It's got to stop!



Nelson Kruschandl - Still fighting against injustice, no matter what they did to him


THE ONLY MAN IN ENGLAND WHO WAS NOT ALLOWED A TOILET - Read Nelson's incredible story: How this council wasted half a £ million pounds of ratepayers money trying to avoid their duty to protect a valuable historic building and why?


Now it appears as though they might be trying to stop the present occupiers of a historic building from complying with the statutory requirements of the Climate Change and Sustainable Energy Act 2006 and Climate Change Act 2008 - or could just be doing a favour for an ex-pat with connections. Who knows why? 


Whatever, it seems to be more of the same discrimination. Council's are supposed to encourage micro-generation and solar water heating. It's the toilet scandal all over again and it looks to be played out in glorious Technicolor in the digital age of Youtube.


This is a revelation as to the level of discrimination, that councils routinely adopt, when their members will not do their jobs as the elected representatives of the people. We are now in possession of a telling transcript of a planning meeting recorded without this council knowing they were being taped. During this recorded meeting Wealden's officers were deceiving the members of a planning committee - just as they had deceived Inspector Dannruether in 1987. In planning terms that is called "nursing a lie." Yup. They lied to the Secretary of State in 1987 and they are still lying to you now. 


What of Sussex Police. They have been asked if we can view their Register of Interests, with an especial leaning toward Masons. Do they have such a register? If they do, will it be accurate - and if so will it reveal the links between complainants where fellow masons who are civilians have instigated or at least pushed for the prosecution of another civilian that they have fallen out with.




According to the independent research into police Masonry, Martin Short, author of the most detailed account of modern British freemasonry, 'Inside The Brotherhood,' estimates that 20% of London officers belong to Masonic lodges. He says there is cause for concern about this and in December, he gave evidence to the Select Committee inquiry of a case he had researched recently in Lancashire which, he told them, “demonstrates just how badly the administration of justice can go wrong when police, Crown Prosecution solicitors and private citizens are all in the same Masonic lodge.”

This story began one night in 1988 when two Leicester businessmen were taking a late-night drink in a hotel in Blackburn. A group of burly strangers in dinner jackets ordered them out of the bar. The Leicester men declined to go. The strangers then announced that they were policemen and proceeded to beat them up. They then called other police who arrested the two Leicester men and charged them with assaulting police officers. When the Leicester men were released on bail the next morning, they found that the hotel manager had seized their belongings until they agreed to pay for damage caused by the fight and that someone had let all the air out of their car tyres and removed their hub caps.

The Blackburn police and Crown prosecutors pursued the case to court, where the two Leicester men faced substantial jail sentences for allegedly assaulting policemen. But the case fell apart. The jury rejected all of the police evidence and found that the Leicester businessmen were not guilty of any offence at all. The judge signalled his own view by taking the unusual step of ordering that the defendants’ costs should be paid out of the public purse. The two men then sued for assault, wrongful arrest, malicious prosecution, conspiracy to injure and libel. In an out-of-court settlement, they were awarded £170,000, most of which was paid on behalf of the policemen by the Lancashire force.

Martin Short told the Select Committee that freemasonry was at the heart of this case. The two Leicester men had stumbled into the tail-end of a Masonic event, a dinner organised by the Victory lodge of Blackburn. This lodge, said Short, is dominated by police officers: the policemen who were involved in the original fight, the officer who subsequently investigated the incident, a senior official in the Crown Prosecution office which handled the case, and the manager of the hotel where the dinner took place were all members of the Victory lodge.



The Councillors below meet together as a Full Council several times a year.  During these assemblies they decide the Council's overall policies and budgets.  The Council's Chairman, Vice Chairman and Leader are elected annually.  A Cabinet comprising 8 members is appointed by the Leader's recommendation, which group takes major decisions the Council may take.  Other Committees are also formed to decide various issues such as waste management and planning control.  You may ask a PUBLIC QUESTION if you put in your request in good time and the Council must respond in public and confirm their response in writing.


Policies are implemented through the Chief Executive and six Chief Officers who manage the departments and services the Council provides.  Therefore, it is essential that Councillors appoint officers fit to carry out their duties.


The Development Control Sub-Committees (North and South) meet on a four weekly basis to determine planning applications and deal with other development control functions. This Council employs around 600 staff in offices at Crowborough and Hailsham.  




Peter the town rat loves to kiss officers behinds. He'll do anything for a pat on the back and a nice little check for his expenses each month. It's the easy life for him. Unfortunately for Peter that is at odds with his duty to represent the people. But what the heck, he's been getting away with it for years and nobody mentions about the tan color of his nose anymore, because there are so many other tan noses about. When a new member joins with his bright pink nose, it's not long before the officers have him nicely trained not to question their dictatorial control. Nuzzle up, you'll soon not notice the odour - but be careful, for thankfully, the public with pink noses can smell the bull.





Citizens have a number of rights in their dealings with the Council.  They may ask public questions, enquire of the Monitoring Officer as to the legality of any decision, action or refusal to take action - as in the case of Anne Harris, where this council were found guilty of failing to protect this vulnerable farmer.  You may lobby the members and these members, seen below, have a duty to properly investigate issues.  You will find some members less than useless, you may get fobbed off, told lies, etc.  Occasionally though, you will find a very active councillor.  In fact, there are more members than ever, prepared to ask awkward questions and get to the truth of a matter - despite officers fudging replies and misleading them.


For further detailed information on how the Council operates download a copy of the new Constitution (pdf file - 236kb) or contact Martyn Garrett, Member Services Manager on 01892 602433 or e mail: martyn.garrett@wealden.gov.uk



Naughty officer. Every person is entitled to a toilet. No. You cannot deprive anyone of washing facilities  Thomas Crapper, Flushed with Pride


POTTY TRAINING - Using a potty may be a new skill for your planning team to learn. It's best to take it slowly and go at your candidate's pace, about the same pace as a child should do the trick. Being patient with them will help them get it right and not wet the bed, even if they sometimes feel frustrated. They should be taught that every person is entitled to a toilet as per Article 14 no matter how much their team are out to get any challenging member of the public such as Mr Kruschandl - and yes we know how irritating it is to be caught out - and yes of course that makes you hate that member of the public more - so that you try another dirty trick and then an even dirtier trick until misfeasance becomes malfeasance. So, if you are going to plan a vendetta, be sure that you don't get caught with your trousers down. Bury your target good and proper - or he or she may come back to haunt you with the inconvenient truth and reveal what your council did and why they did it - and worst of all - your part in the whole sorry affair. Think then of blowing the whistle. It may be your only way out. Blow it sooner rather than later. Is your job worth living with this level of corruption?





The Planning Committee South supersedes the Planning Sub-Committee South and  determines planning applications, tree preservation orders and enforces planning control for the south of the District.   


It is possible to register to speak on planning applications that come to Committee, and information is available on how to register for Public Speaking at Committee meetings. We recommend that you do this - for if you don not, the officers could and as we have shown, do not tell the truth.


The Committee meets regularly every four weeks on a Thursday – please see the calendar of meeting dates for further information.  The meetings are open to the public and are held in the Council Offices in Hailsham.


For more detailed information on the role and functions of the Planning Committees - see the Constitution or contact Democratic Services on 01892 602720 or e mail: committee.services@wealden.gov.uk  






Councillor Susan Stedman  (Chairman) 



Councillor Dianne Dear  (Deputy Chairman) 



Councillor Dick Angel   



Councillor John Blake   



Councillor Raymond Cade   



Councillor Barby Dashwood-Morris   



Councillor Steve Harms   



Councillor Nigel McKeeman   



Councillor Charles R Peck   



Councillor Stephen Shing   


Stuart Towner


Councillor Stuart Towner   




Councillor Chriss Triandafyllou   



Councillor Lin Clark  (Reserve) 



Councillor Ronald Cussons  (Reserve) 



Councillor Jan Dunk  (Reserve) 



Councillor Chris Hardy  (Chairman)



Councillor Barry Marlowe  (Reserve) 



Councillor Daniel Shing  (Reserve) 



Councillor David White  (Reserve) 



Councillor Ann Newton  (ex-officio) 



Emma Luck  (Secretary) 




Toilet roll, soft padded  Don't move to Wealden if you need a toilet


AREA PLANS SOUTH - FLUSHED WITH SUCCESS - We imagine that Wealden would have been overjoyed in duping the High Court into making an Order that demanded removal of toilet facilities from their long-term adversary's home, condemning him to defecate in the old fashioned way - and remarkable is it not how well an animal can adapt and build from sheer determination until it is time to reveal the truth and his gleaming new urinals.


The building has toilets re-fitted of course thanks to Dame Butler-Sloss. The occupiers rejoice with each pull of the handle, at the resourcefulness of this underdog when the chips were down. The frivolity at Wealden's offices was short lived when the Health & Safety Executive chimed in to spend a penny or two. From that point on Wealden have been bogged down with the publication of what they had done - and permanent skidmarks in the underpants of their hall of shame. No amount of toilet tissue can ever wipe the brown from this council's back passages - except perhaps a formal apology.








You'll notice that many of these councillors from seven years ago are still in evidence - and those are the members that are most likely to be in the pockets of local developers and of course officers of the council that have struck up cozy relationships with big business, at the expense of the ordinary man in the street who simply wants a fair deal.


Fresh faces will be less likely to have succumbed to the wiles of persuasive officers, such as Ian Kay, who was an officer with this council for over 20 years. In 20 years you can get used to the perks of such a position and come to rely on that level of power. Power of course corrupts.




photo - link to details of Councillor Lord Abergavenny
Councillor Lord Abergavenny




photo - link to details of Councillor Dick Angel
Councillor Dick Angel

Heathfield North & Central


Chairman Development Control South Sub-Committee


photo - link to details of Councillor Kevin Balsdon
Councillor Kevin Balsdon

Pevensey and Westham



photo - link to details of Councillor Mrs Christina Berry
Councillor Mrs Christina Berry

Polegate North

Liberal Democrat


photo - link to details of Councillor John Blake
Councillor John Blake


Liberal Democrat

Deputy Chairman Personnel Committee


photo - link to details of Councillor Bruce Broughton-Tompkins
Councillor Bruce Broughton-Tompkins

Crowborough St Johns



photo - link to details of Councillor Frank Brown
Councillor Frank Brown




photo - link to details of Councillor Norman Buck
Councillor Norman Buck

Buxted & Maresfield


Deputy Leader and Cabinet Portfolio Holder for Change Management


photo - link to details of Councillor Mrs Jane Clark
Councillor Mrs Jane Clark

Crowborough East

Liberal Democrat

Chairman Select Committee


photo - link to details of Councillor Nigel Coltman
Councillor Nigel Coltman

Hailsham East


Leader of the Council


photo - link to details of Councillor Mrs Dianne Dear
Councillor Mrs Dianne Dear

Pevensey and Westham



photo - link to details of Councillor Mrs Pam Doodes
Councillor Mrs Pam Doodes

Ninfield & Hooe with Wartling


Cabinet Portfolio Holder for Health & Public Safety


photo - link to details of Councillor Mrs Claire Dowling
Councillor Mrs Claire Dowling

Uckfield Central



photo - link to details of Councillor Nick Ellwood
Councillor Nick Ellwood

Hailsham South and West

Wealden Independent

Leader, Wealden Independent Group


photo - link to details of Councillor Mrs Jonica Fox
Councillor Mrs Jonica Fox

Cross-in-Hand/Five Ashes


Chairman Development Control North Sub Committee


photo - link to details of Councillor Jack Gore
Councillor Jack Gore




photo - link to details of Councillor Dr Ian Haffenden
Councillor Dr Ian Haffenden

Hailsham South and West

Wealden Independent


photo - link to details of Councillor Paul Holbrook
Councillor Paul Holbrook

Hailsham Central and North

Liberal Democrat


photo - link to details of Councillor Jim Hollins
Councillor Jim Hollins



Deputy Chairman, Environment Scrutiny Committee; Chairman Liquor & Entertainments Licensing Committee


photo - link to details of Councillor Mrs Pat Kennedy
Councillor Mrs Pat Kennedy

Buxted & Maresfield


Chairman of the Council


photo - link to details of Councillor Mrs Margaret Kirkpatrick
Councillor Mrs Margaret Kirkpatrick

Heathfield North & Central


Cabinet Portfolio Holder for Housing & Community Development


photo - link to details of Councillor David Logan
Councillor David Logan



Cabinet Portfolio Holder for Finance & Assets


photo - link to details of Councillor Andy Long
Councillor Andy Long




photo - link to details of Councillor Mrs Sylvia Martin
Councillor Mrs Sylvia Martin



Deputy Chairman Select Committee


photo - link to details of Councillor Roy Martin
Councillor Roy Martin

Polegate North

Liberal Democrat

Deputy Chairman Development Control South Sub-Committee


photo - link to details of Councillor Mrs Linda McKeever
Councillor Mrs Linda McKeever

Pevensey and Westham



photo - link to details of Councillor Ian McKirgan
Councillor Ian McKirgan

Crowborough Jarvis Brook

Wealden Independent


photo - link to details of Councillor Ian Mein
Councillor Ian Mein

Crowborough East

Liberal Democrat

Vice Chairman of the Council and Deputy Chairman Development Control North Sub-Committee


photo - link to details of Councillor Mrs Anna Monaghan
Councillor Mrs Anna Monaghan




photo - link to details of Councillor Mrs Rowena Moore
Councillor Mrs Rowena Moore

Forest Row




photo - link to details of Councillor Mrs Laura Murphy
Councillor Mrs Laura Murphy

Hailsham Central and North

Liberal Democrat

Leader of the Liberal Democrat Group


photo - link to details of Councillor Mrs Lynda Myers
Councillor Mrs Lynda Myers



Deputy Chairman Regulatory Committee


photo - link to details of Councillor Ian Nottage
Councillor Ian Nottage

Uckfield New Town

Liberal Democrat

Deputy Chairman Liquor and Entertainments Licensing Committee


photo - link to details of Councillor Mrs Niki Oakes
Councillor Mrs Niki Oakes

Heathfield North & Central



photo - link to details of Councillor Raymond Parsons
Councillor Raymond Parsons

Forest Row


Cabinet Portfolio Holder for Corporate Services and Chairman Personnel Committee


photo - link to details of Councillor Mrs Diane Phillips
Councillor Mrs Diane Phillips

Crowborough West


Chairman Community Scrutiny Committee


photo - link to details of Councillor Major Antony Quin RM
Councillor Major Antony Quin RM

Crowborough West


Chairman Regulatory Committee


photo - link to details of Councillor Dr. Brian Redman
Councillor Dr. Brian Redman



Chairman Internal Scrutiny Committee; Chairman Review Board


photo - link to details of Councillor Geoff Rowe
Councillor Geoff Rowe

Hailsham South and West

Wealden Independent


photo - link to details of Councillor Mrs Ivy Scarborough
Councillor Mrs Ivy Scarborough

Polegate South

Wealden Independent


photo - link to details of Councillor Tony Seabrook
Councillor Tony Seabrook


Liberal Democrat

Deputy Chairman Community Scrutiny Committee


photo - link to details of Councillor Stephen Shing
Councillor Stephen Shing


Liberal Democrat


photo - link to details of Councillor Paul Sparks
Councillor Paul Sparks

Uckfield North

Liberal Democrat

Deputy Chairman Internal Scrutiny Committee


photo - link to details of Councillor Robert Standley
Councillor Robert Standley




photo - link to details of Councillor Mrs Susan Stedman
Councillor Mrs Susan Stedman




photo - link to details of Councillor Robert Sweetland
Councillor Robert Sweetland

Uckfield Ridgewood

Liberal Democrat


photo - link to details of Councillor Mrs Sylvia Tidy
Councillor Mrs Sylvia Tidy

Chiddingly & East Hoathly



photo - link to details of Councillor Andy Watkins
Councillor Andy Watkins


Liberal Democrat


photo - link to details of Councillor Brian West
Councillor Brian West

East Dean



photo - link to details of Councillor David White

Councillor David White


Liberal Democrat


photo - link to details of Councillor Keith Whitehead
Councillor Keith Whitehead



Cabinet Portfolio Holder for Sustainable Development & Regeneration


photo - link to details of Councillor Alan Whittaker
Councillor Alan Whittaker

Uckfield North

Liberal Democrat


photo - link to details of Councillor Mrs Chantal Wilson
Councillor Mrs Chantal Wilson

Crowborough North

Non Group

Chairman Environment Scrutiny Committee





THIS SITE CONTAINS MANY EXAMPLES OF THIS COUNCIL'S UNREASONABLE BEHAVIOUR - With thanks to Action Groups across the country for the supply of real case history and supporting documents.  *THAT THE PUBLIC MAY KNOW*


Map of the Wealden district as divided for effective representation of the people


The Commission carried out an electoral review of Wealden between September 2015 - December 2016. The aim of the review was to deliver electoral equality for voters in local elections and recommend ward boundaries that means each councillor represented approximately the same number of electors.

Our review aimed to ensure that each Wealden councillor represented roughly the same number of voters and that ward boundaries reflected the interests and identities of local communities.


The Wealden (Electoral Changes) Order 2016, to implement recommendations made by the Local Government Boundary Commission for England (LGBCE) for new boundaries in Wealden, was made on 15 December 2016.

New ward arrangements for Wealden have now successfully completed a 40 day period of Parliamentary scrutiny and will come into force at the local elections in 2019. The order for Wealden can be viewed through the following link:







Draft order laid in Parliament - On 27 October 2016 the Wealden (Electoral Changes) Order 2016 was laid in draft in Parliament.

The draft order if made would give effect to the final recommendations that were consulted on during the Local Government Boundary Commission for England’s review of electoral arrangements in Wealden and published on 27 September 2016.

The draft order will be laid in Parliament for a period of 40 sitting days. Parliament can either accept or reject our recommendations. If accepted, the new electoral arrangements will come into force at the next scheduled elections for Wealden in 2019.

The draft order can be viewed here: http://www.legislation.gov.uk/id/ukdsi/2016/9780111150733



Pine Grove, Crowborough, East Sussex, TN6 1DH






Anti Corruption in Wealden


Email: info@bushywood.com





Patrick Scarpa, solicitor Wealden District Council David Whibley, enforcement officer Wealden District Council Julian Black planning consultant Daniel Goodwin Christine Arnold Patrick Coffey Timothy Dowsett


Victorio Scarpa, David Whibley, Julian Black, Daniel Goodwin, Christine Arnold, Patrick Coffey, Timothy Dowsett


Christine Nuttall, solcitor, Wealden District Council corruption and monument protection English Heritage David Phillips, perjury and corruption Wealden District Council, the Energy Age, Nelson Kruschandl J Douglas Moss Ian Kay Charles Lant Beverly Boakes


Christine Nuttall, David Phillips, Douglas Moss, Ian Kay, Charles Lant, Beverley Boakes, Kelvin Williams






Adolf Hitler


Adolf Hitler

German Chancellor


Herman Goring


Herman Goring



Heinrich Himmler


Heinrich Himmler



Josef Goebbels


Joseph Goebbels

Reich Minister


Philipp Bouhler


Philipp Bouhler SS

NSDAP Aktion T4


Josef Mengele


Dr Josef Mengele

Physician Auschwitz


Martin Borman


Martin Borman



Adolf Eichmann


Adolph Eichmann

Holocaust Architect


Erwin Rommel


Erwin Rommel

The Desert Fox


Rudolph Hess


 Rudolf Hess



Karl Donitz


Karl Donitz



Albert Speer


Albert Speer

Nazi Architect




During the 2nd World War, the Pevensey Levels hosted an underground radar tracking station. The emplacements seen in the photograph above were to protect the early warning station from land attack. The underground installation was flooded the last time our local historian visited. These remains are of historic importance. The above ground buildings on the adjacent hill have been converted to residential use. This is archaeological evidence of the fight against fascism that our forefathers carried to eradicate dictators, that we may enjoy our land peacefully and without interference from local authority with Nazi like agendas. The War Criminals above have been wheedled out of the system at great cost. Eugenics agenda have not though been wiped out and they will always creep back unless we are constantly vigilant. The slippery slope to another Holocaust was in our opinion begun with the Regulation of Investigatory Powers Act 2000 and escalated with the Sexual Offences Act 2003, brought in by David Blunkett under Tony Blair's Labour partyadministration.



















Historic buildings like the Castle above survive in the Wealden area, despite the efforts of council officers to avoid their duty to the built environment. This is testimony to the grit of the public, rather than the blood sucking nature of an organisation that bleeds taxes to pay staff that are in some cases negligent, power hungry and therefore a liability to freedom of the people from state interference. If such matters are allowed to escalate unchecked, it would not be long before England becomes a Nazi satellite.




The Immaculate Deception


Sexual cannibalism in humans is commonplace where the (UK) state still pays bunny-boilers to fabricate allegations - despite the untenable ratio of false allegations. This is called Noble Cause Corruption, so named because the cause (more convictions of rapists and perverts) is noble, but the means (convicting significant numbers of innocent men) is corrupt. A decent justice system is one where convictions are safe; where an appeal is guaranteed and where the court system does not refuse appellants the evidence for their barristers to perfect grounds of appeal. Unlike most European countries, the right of appeal in the UK in not mandatory and the discretionary single judge paper system is open to startling abuses. This book is based on a real case study, that reveals the fatal flaws in the English justice system that is rife with masonic influences. No man in England is safe until these issues are dealt with - it could happen to anyone. Let us not forget that the simplest way for councils under attack is to make an allegation against a person who is questioning their authority. History has shown us the politicians angling for status routinely seek to discredit their opponents, especially those who tell it like it is.




Wealden District Council's green logo for headed letters      It appears that Wealden District Council advocate pissing and shitting in hedges.   Wealden District Council's green logo for headed letters