Victim of a multi-agency vendetta to keep him from revealing the truth about corruption in Sussex




Sussex Police malfeasance and conspiracy with Wealden District Council


THE HEAD OF STATE - When fresh evidence shows that a conviction is unsafe it falls to the Criminal Cases Review Commission to test the evidence in the Court of Appeal. Unfortunately, the corruption is so strong and at such a high level where Masonic influence is involved (as in this case) that even the CCRC may not be counted on to act impartially and without discrimination, where the Courts are not answerable to anyone for allowing (or even helping to arrange for) wrongful convictions - by simply allowing incomplete evidence to be presented in the full knowledge that the defendant had insufficient legal aid funding to mount any kind of a defence that stood a chance of success, such as to be able to challenge the completeness or otherwise of the evidence being produced - and that by this means - as in the state not providing sufficient funds for an adequate defence and thereby a level playing field, an injustice of significance has occurred for which there is no effective remedy in England under Her Majesty Queen Elizabeth's present Parliament.


If it is that the CCRC have also become entangled in a cover up, then the only recourse for any victim is the Head of State, a right granted to the ordinary man under the 1689 Bill of Rights. A Prime Minister is only a temporary head of state. If no satisfaction may be obtained from such a temporary appointee, then the matter devolves the the permanent head of state, which at the time of writing is Her Royal Highness Queen Elizabeth on England.





An innocent member of the public until 1982, that is when Mr Kruschandl saw the Old Generating Buildings for the first time. He had no idea then that Quangos and Masonic influence would dog his progress for the next thirty years. He had no idea what that might mean. He was just a simple chap trying to make a life for himself.


Unfortunately, Britain is governed by organisations that can "take a view." Meaning that they can do what they like to whoever gets in their way. They can do this because the British system is re-written by Judges every time there is a case - because we have no Written Constitution. Judges can be bought with the Honours system, and many Judges are masons, or have masonic connections. Hence, the Judiciary is not independent, as it is supposed to be under Article 6. That also means that the Courts may not be entirely Competent, as per Article 5.


This form of corruption goes all the way to the top. Many High Court judges only have that position because of their willingness to maintain the frauds of local authorities, even steering cases by crafting directions to juries. Barristers aspiring to be judges are equally to blame. If they want to continue to practice, they must heed the direction that local authorities wish to go, or they may even be barred from practice.


30 years on and Nelson has roundly thrashed Wealden at appeals that many town planners would shy from. It's not their money, it's your money they are throwing away in trying to keep control of the ordinary man. This is a major contributor to our tremendous national debt. Council's and other wasteful local authorities are largely responsible for borrowings that we cannot pay back. It's hardly a wonder that our country is not competitive, with civil servants on fat salaries doing nothing but hinder entrepreneurs.



THE WORST - In all the cases we have reviewed on this website, this is by far the worst. As the case is so scandalous, we know that readers will not believe it. We also know that the perpetrators will seek to deny everything and again try to discredit the Victim and say his claims are unsupported. For that reason, we are publishing the key documents - so that you can see for yourself the level of malice as supported by documentary proof to the criminal standard. We hope that the general public might learn from the episode, how your council and local police work together using the courts, to pervert the course of justice.


Wealden District Council threw all their might behind what became a Vendetta of Biblical proportions - costing the taxpayer over 500,000 (and it's not over yet), to stop a man protecting a Historic Monument. It is, of course, the Duty of a Council to protect local history and offer a beneficial use. But in 1983, any person could apply to their local authority for a grant to repair historic buildings. This council did not want to contribute, so embarked on a course of denial and character assassination. Though the identity of a person is not a material consideration - for that would constitute discrimination - and discrimination has been unlawful ever since the Nazis exterminated the Jews in their Concentration Camps.


You are reading this thinking that this is not possible in Robin Hood's England, where a man's home is his castle. But that is only the case if you knuckle under, work nine to five and pay all the taxes that the Sheriff's Men demand from you to Empire build submarines and aircraft carriers, while you (the workers) struggle through life paying a mortgage for a property that you might well have purchased at less than half the current prices, if property values were not rigged by the British System, that at the moment uses compliant judges and other corrupt officials to whip dissenters back into line - without any kind of audit or review of the system.


It's not a wonder that the UK is under performing with councils like Wealden using their powers to prevent an activist, who in this case happened to be an entrepreneur, from achieving any of his potential, in the process wrecking two marriages. Such conduct would be a serious enough Article 14 violation to topple into the malfeasance bracket, so would constitute a criminal use of public office.




TPO 34 23-09-1983 - Misfeasance WDC/IMK - To undermine foundations Historic Building - K Wilson, A Brown

ENF 1986 - Originating Malfeasance WDC officers various: T Dowsett, V Scarpa, D Holness, R Robinson, George White, Thomas Hoy.

APL 1987 - WDC Perverted Course of Justice (PCJ) Denied A Historic Building - R P Dannreuther

CCT 1988 - Malfeasance & Malicious Prosecution (MP) - Appeal Allowed - V Scarpa, Judge T Clay, Price Lewis

INJ 1995- Malfeasance, Continued MP - C Nuttall

INJ  1996 - Perjury DLP in Malicious Prosecution - J D Moss

INJ 1997 - Perjury DLP - Deprivation Health & Safety facilities Judge E Butler-Sloss

APP 1997 - Perjury - Deception, Fraud, PCJ

APL 1998 - WDC Council officer Perjury IMK/JDM, P Townley (Witness)

APP 1999/2000 - Failure to Determine, PCJ

STA 2003 - WDC Fraud & MP - T Scott, D Goodwin, A Long

CC 2005 - WDC Consent Order (CO)

CCT 2006 - Virginity/Diary Fraud, Sussex Police (SP) CPS & WDC - G Staker, M Liebenberg, Judge C Joseph

CCT 2008 - Fraudulent Conviction  (SP) - Taboo clincher

WDC 2009 - Breach Contract CO Contempt of Court - T Scott, C Lant

SP 2013 - Criminal Damage in Raid on Premises - False Allegation of Fraud - D Wales, SP, D Tye

WDC 2014 - Failure to Correct Incorrect Data Entry Local Land Charges - C Lant, K Williams

SP 2014 - PCJ Editing Inconvenient Evidence, Investigation Fraud MP - M Robinson, H Kelly, CPS, A French

WDC 2015 - Failure to Protect Ancient Water Rights - R Standley, C Lant, K Williams

CCT 2015 - Jury Acquittal SP MP - Sx Police, Judge Scott-Gall

WDC 2016 - Malfeasance & MP Ongoing D Whibley, R Standley, C Lant, K Williams, A Long

WDC 2017 - What will their next move be ?



HRH Queen Elizabeth, United Kingdom head of state





Why the Queen you might think? Because the Queen is Head of State in this case, also head of the Commonwealth. The buck stops with her at the moment. It will eventually be her successor. The get out for the Queen, is that she transfers her power to an elected Government and from that point on the Prime Minister is ultimately responsible. Acts of Parliament, no matter how unjust - or in some cases unlawful under European or International law, receive Royal assent - and only then pass into law with support of the Spiritual Lord Bishops.


The Queen is responsible for appointing the Prime Minister after a general election or a resignation, in a General Election The Queen will appoint the candidate who is likely to have the most support of the House of Commons.


Dissolution (the act of dissolving) happens when: the Government's fixed four-year term is complete, the Government loses a vote on important bills the budget, for example in the House of Commons, or impropriety is uncovered. Typically, the Queen will avoid such scandal with an arrangement that a minister will resign, such as when Tony Blair's was called a war criminal by protestors for invading Iraq.



David Cameron, Prime Minister, 10 Downing Street, London  Letter from Department for Communities and Local Government 10 May 2016


TRANSPARENCY - It may take a while for you to obtain a response from any Minister, but keep at it. Regular reminders that you have not received a reply will in the end yield an answer of some kind. You may have to write again for clarification or ask a question in a different way so that the main point cannot be avoided. A rule that we would urge you to follow, is only to ask one question per letter. You can see from the letter received in answer to the question put to David Cameron when he was our Prime Minister, that criminal offences are a matter for your local police force and then the Police Complaints Commission. The problem here is that there are time limits that are nearly impossible to adhere to, when it takes so long for Ministers to reply. When those limits are exceeded, criminal complaints must then be a matte for the Minister concerned and an outside force - since there is no statutory limit on crimes of this sort and as with historic sex allegations, similar fact evidence going back 20 years is still admissible as evidence - or at least it should be - in any trial involving planning fraud. This is because it is so difficult to piece the puzzle together and sometimes evidence does not surface for many years.





Then there is the Royal Commission, which in theory will put an application to a court through to the Lord Bishops. Theory, because any corrupt judges in the pipeline who rule the courts, will simply strike an inconvenient application out. Before that the Court administration, usually Clerks or Masters, is the filtering system by which claims of corruption are denied a hearing. There is thus no Right to a Hearing, a violation of Article 6. Court officers are bound by Article 6 and Section 6 of the HRA 1998 to ensure the rights of any citizen to a fair hearing. Corrupt officials will do anything to stop the Royal Family and the Prime Minister hearing about Fraud in their courts or in the system - and for that they may be knighted by the back door - for services rendered. You may think then that Sirs and Dames need to be treated with caution, if it is that they obtained their titles by violating the rights of any Citizen to a Fair Hearing, and that might be prudent. We would love to see the reasoning behind certain knighthoods.


Sometimes a Prime Minister is not an honest officer of the land, in which case the job of getting heard will be harder still. David Cameron was one PM who is considered to be an honest officer, properly serving Her Majesty. But, even so, applications citing the Attorney General or the Home Office are not getting through. The proof is in the pudding. Many are trying and being led a merry dance.


Barristers and Judges know that they must service local government frauds. If they do not, they will soon be cut out of the pie, so not be given any cases. So they tow the party line. They convict anyone just for the asking, knowing that council officials will fabricate evidence to help them get the job done - and they actively assist in controlling their courts in biased fashion. A judge simply has to allow evidence for the prosecution that aught to be ruled out, deny time for proper examination of fresh evidence, allow the press into sensitive cases, or misdirect the jury as to important facts. A barrister merely has to present a case that ignores evidence in their clients favour and fail to examine important witness thoroughly, or even fail to challenge forensic evidence.


Sometimes it is not fabricating evidence on the part of the CPS, in the sense of creating false evidence, it is simply not investigating, or only presenting evidence that tends to support their case. Some statute has been crafted as a tool to assist the courts obtain fraudulent convictions. Once such abomination is the Sexual Offences Act, where a person is guilty until proven innocent - instead of being innocent until proven guilty, as required by Article 6 of the European Convention of Human Rights and Fundamental Freedoms.







Over the years this victim of malicious conduct has learned how this Council works - or rather does not work. He has become versed in agricultural development, by watching Wealden DC try to prevent many farmers in the Wealden District from running their farms. He has seen this council try to prevent horse lovers from providing for needy horses, in one extreme case demolishing an animal sanctuary, which the Secretary of State finally declared lawful. For this reason, he is also adept at recording site visit to ensure compliance, and so that enforcement officers cannot later tamper with the evidence, deny what they said, or deny it was them who said it. You have to fight fire with fire. Make no mistake councils are out to get you. Ignore that at your peril.


The tales Nelson can tell, and he will do so on request, because he now gives inspirational talks about his experiences, illustrated with PowerPoint presentations.


It gets worse, where houses are in short supply, Nelson has seen Wealden DC fail to re-use Brownfield sites, rather spending upwards of 500,000 to prevent development that is much needed. Why? Because that way they stay in their cozy jobs on exorbitant salaries, dishing out planning favours for unaffordable developments - which is commonly called empire building. Empire building is also the quickest way to get a country into debt and that makes financial slaves of the common man. They're all right Jack.


The ordinary voter should be enjoying a high standard of living, but instead the public are taxed at multiple levels to pay for the extravagances of corrupt local authorities. They charge us Road Tax, but don't build or repair our roads. They charge us National Insurance, but have already squandered our pension funds and the less said about the health service the better. Robert Maxwell was accused of plundering his company's pension fund, but we know for sure that our government are guilty of this particular crime.


Many of us would rather opt out of the system, but they won't let us. Why should we pay council tax to dish our fat salaries to allow councils to waste your money. Opting out should be an option for everyman. Let our citizens choose a sustainable lifestyle without having to pay for nuclear submarines and aircraft carriers and invading other countries that we would not agree to - if we had a proper say in the running of the country.


Nelson says: "What are our council playing at. More importantly, are you going to let them get away with it for much longer, and for how much longer will our Government rob their citizens blind."



Defender of the planning faith, councils are answerable to the electorate


TAKING ON THE ABUSERS OF THEIR POSITIONS OF TRUST - These men and women council employees are in highly regarded positions of trust, such that if that trust is abused the penalties should be proportionate and all proceeds of their crimes subject to the most careful scrutiny - as with any other crime. You would not let a bank robber or a murderer keep their ill gotten gains, so why is it that planning officers and councillors who are corrupt somehow manage to escape prosecution? The answer is that the local police force heads are sometimes involved in the corruption. They get a bung to tow the party line - and not investigate these heinous crimes on their doorstep. The same punishment should apply to secret alliances such as those forged in some of the Masons lodges with high proportions of builders, architects, councillors and police officers.





When Nelson upped his game to include the citizen's arrest of council staff who were acting illegally, they hatched an evil plan to discredit the dissident activist. From about 2005, Nelson attended illegal site visits carrying a pair of handcuffs, just in case council officers implicated themselves in any of the vendettas that were ongoing. Nelson also started video recording attempted illegal sites visits. He had to go.







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