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Company Number: 06508429
Status: ACTIVE
Incorporation date: 2008-02-19
End of financial year: 31 January
Category: Private Limited Company

Lesleybee Associates Limited is an active company incorporated on 19 February 2008 with the registered office located in Bristol.


Lesleybee Associates Limited has been running for 9 Years 10 Months. There are currently 1 active directors and 0 active secretaries according to the latest confirmation statement submitted on 19 February 2017.

Incorporated 19 February 2008 (9 Years 10 Months Old)



Mrs Lesley Annette Barakchizadeh, 

Mr Abolghassem Barakchizadeh & 

Mr Charles Roderick Spencer Fowler.



Lesley Barakchizadeh was the director of environmental services in Wealden land when this Council served an enforcement notice on the then owner (or occupier) of Twissells Mill near Heathfield.


This was an extraordinary case where Ian Kay managed to again bamboozle the area plans south planning committee into authorizing enforcement against the occupier, where the same Committee had granted the permission that led to works on re-construction of an old water mill that was burnt down some 60 years earlier.


Anyone is entitled to install a mobile home when constructing something like a mill, or just for security and tool storage. But, Ian Kay managed to persuade the members, that included Janet Dunk and Andrew Long, into having a go, no matter what the cost to the ratepayer.


This council led by their enforcement team with Christine Arnold involved on a site visit, cost the developer a small fortune in legal fees, so putting behind reconstruction of the mill, until eventually he had run out of money. We believe that was the agenda all along where the officers of this council tried to refuse the application to restore, but the members voted for the proposal.




F.A.O. Lesley Barakchizadeh
Director Environmental Services
Wealden District Council 
Pine Grove
TN6 1DH                                                                                           20 May 2005

Dear Ms Barakchizadeh


Permitted Development Rights


I confirm receipt of your enforcement notice dated 20 May 2005.

I have contacted the planning inspectorate this morning, who suggested I might negotiate with you to agree a form of unit your council would accept as complying with section 13 of the caravans act.

I think you might agree that if we can agree the format of any temporary unit, this would avoid the need for a test-case appeal, with all the attendant costs and delays to this project, where I understood, the members were unanimously is support of the Mill and Granary project. There is also the issue of breaching my human rights to be considered, which should not be taken lightly.

Could you therefore suggest a unit you would find acceptable? For example, would your council agree a Norwegian Log cabin (details of which have already been supplied to you) would suffice. If it were that a Norwegian Log cabin would be acceptable, then I confirm I could be amenable to resolving matters such as to avoid the present appeal situation.

I would also add, that this would ensure the Mill Project could proceed without incurring additional bank charges, interest, etc.

I look forward to hearing from you as a matter of some urgency and please within seven days.

Yours sincerely

Sent by the Appellant                                                                  c.c. Members DCS







Patrick Scarpa, solicitor Wealden District Council David Whibley, enforcement officer Wealden District Council  


Kelvin Williams, Victorio Scarpa, David Whibley, Julian Black, Daniel Goodwin


Christine Nuttall, solcitor, Wealden District Council corruption and monument protection English Heritage David Phillips, perjury and corruption Wealden District Council, the Energy Age, Nelson Kruschandl Douglas Moss 


Christine Nuttall, David Phillips, Douglas Moss, Ian Kay, Charles Lant




Abbott Trevor - Alcock Charmain - Ditto - Arnold Chris (Christine) - Barakchizadeh Lesley - Paul Barker - Black Julian - Boakes Beverley

Brigginshaw Marina - Brown Ashley - Coffey Patrick - Douglas Sheelagh - Dowsett Timothy - Flemming Mike - Forder Ralph - Garrett Martyn

Goodwin Daniel - Henham J - Holness Derek - Hoy Thomas - Johnson Geoff - Kavanagh Geoff - Kay Ian - Kay I. M. - Barbara Kingsford

Lant Charles - Mercer Richard - Mileman Niall - Moon Craig - Moss Douglas, J.Nuttall Christine - Pettigrew Rex - Phillips David - Scarpa Victorio

Scott Trevor - Kevin Stewart - Wakeford M. - Whibley David - White, George - Williams Kelvin - Wilson Kenneth - White Steve












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