Which of the Herstmonceux parish councillors are friends of the Museum heritage asset



Ian Stewart, is a solicitor and a company secretary at business parks Heringtons


IAN STEWART - We have yet to source a really up to date picture of this Parish Councillor but we understand from the records maintained at Companies House that he has been a solicitor for a number of concerns and that may go some way to explaining his cavalier attitude to factual assimilation. Basically, solicitors are  document men. They are almost always incapable of comprehending any situation where documents do not tell the whole story, such as when land is unregistered. In the case of Herstmonceux Museum there is of course more unregistered land than registered land and a defaulting licensed conveyancer: Steven Allport, failed to effect a a transfer in 1993, being subsequently struck off - but left the ownership of the registered section of land in limbo, thereby creating a de facto trust that has since joined forces with other trustees. As a solicitor practicing in the property arena, one would expect Mr Stewart to know that the ownership of unregistered land is the person or organisation that occupies it. Clearly, he has not researched the matter, leaving us to believe that his present council are taking instructions from the District Council as this Parish Council did with the 70 house grant of permission carbuncle in 2015.


According to the internet, Ian Michael Alexander Stewart is the company secretary of Mid Sussex Business Park (Management) Limited. He is also a consultant at Heringtons LLP in Eastbourne. In among all of this he now dabbles in local politics which potentially gives him the inside track as to property matters in Herstmonceux. Doubtless, Cllr Stewart has made all of the appropriate declarations of interest and that is not an issue that has been raised by Lime Park Heritage Trust. The matter at hand is the apparent indifference concerning a local historic asset - where the Parish Council owe local ratepayers, the occupiers of the land and Historic England, a duty to help conserve the historic built environment. Any failing in respect of that "duty" is termed impropriety. It is a fact that for many years Wealden District Council have been doing their best to disenfranchise the former occupier in favour of near neighbours. Such a course of action is of course illegal.



A strange thing happened on the evening of Monday the 21st of November 2016. Councillor Stewart, the Chairman of Herstmonceux Parish Council, opened the meeting with all the usual niceties and then invited a member of the public to speak on behalf of the Lime Park Heritage Trust (LPHT) in connection with Herstmonceux Museum. This Trust should not be confused with Lime Park Estate Limited, that is a residents property company that exists to maintain a shared driveway in Lime Park.


The subject of the Museum had been held over from the previous full council meeting in October, to give the members of this council a chance to think on how they might help their local Museum integrate in the community and how best the Museum might benefit the village. They had ample time to write to LPHT, but appear not to have done so.


The Parish Council had been copied in on correspondence addressed to Kelvin Williams and David Whibley, where there was some confusion as to tree works. It turned out the Weaden had their wires crossed on this matter, as they had in the previous year asked for these works to be carried out and seemed to have forgotten that. It was noted that Councillor Nash had been walking along the public footpath a few days earlier - and had been paying particular attention to the tree works in progress - leading us to conclude that Mr Nash was the engine of complaint, or at least that he was acting on disingenuous complaint from a neighbour in Lime Park who was stirring up trouble as is his wont. This is yet to be confirmed or denied.


You would then have thought though, that having learned that Wealden had got their wires crossed in 1986, and that the Generating buildings are the genuine article, that the members of the Parish Council would be overjoyed to know that they had a unique historic asset on their doorstep.


The speaker for LPHT made reference to an independent report by Archaeology South East and two books published by local history groups in Eastbourne and Wartling - that he had lodged copies of with the Parish Clerk; Clare Harrison. The committee were enlightened as to the exploits of Charles de Roemer, namely the formation of the Eastbourne Aviation Company based at the Crumbles in 1911, and that he had installed the same electricity generating machinery in Eastbourne as he had installed in Lime Park some years earlier. This information was not reflected in the retrospective (draft) minutes.


These latest revelations add another dimension to the importance of the only surviving wooden structure of its kind in the whole of Europe. It was though obvious that the chairman had other matters on his mind. He questioned the fact that the Trust was not registered at the Land Registry. Why this was on his mind can only be that Wealden's legal department had asked the Parish to fish for information. We await confirmation of this point by way of denial or acceptance. There is of course no obligation for a Trust to register with the Land Registry in certain circumstances, but they had in fact been in correspondence with the LR and the committee were told exactly that.


It appears from these remarks by the Chairman that this council are borderline - if not actually - discriminating as to land ownership. The identity of the owner of land is not a material planning consideration. Nor is the identity of any management group or individual. In making ownership an issue ahead of archaeology, Article 14 is invoked. Discrimination is of course unlawful in the United Kingdom as it is in most of Europe.


The other matter that the chairman raised was that Herstmonceux Museum is not registered with any associations. Herstmonceux Observatory is not registered with any museum associations, but what had that to do with this council's duty to help protect the historic built environment? The building is what it is and the trustees need all the help they can get to raise funds to carry out vital conservation works. The committee were apprised that the complex was on a Monument Protection Programme and that in itself is cause for concern to both Historic England and should be to any council with such a building within their geographical boundaries.


[STOP PRESS - Herstmonceux Museum is now a member of the Museums Association, a professional body that runs seminars on publicity and fund raising activities.]


What happened when the Parish committee got to point 12 on their agenda makes even less sense. Item 12 (i) was to take note of correspondence received from the LPHT and item 12 (ii) was for the committee to discuss any response to the correspondence and agree recommendations for any action to help the Trust to restore, and or gain additional recognition for the old generating buildings. But, these two items were neatly skipped over. Let us be clear, that there was no discussion and consequently no recommendations. Have you heard of such a thing? The meeting was recorded so that there is a verbatim record of the error.


The item was clearly marked for discussion. This was not an item where the Chairman could make a decision not to discuss the item on the advice of the clerk. That would be procedurally incorrect. If that was going to be the case, the Agenda that was issued should have reflected that. There was no explanation given by the Chairman as to his reasoning and that he had taken the decision to remove an item from the Agenda. There were no late items on any alternative Agenda.


When asked what had happened, the chairman replied that he'd got confused with Lime Cross and Lime Park. It was noted that there had been some discussion about the developers not replying to correspondence, presumably as to the lack of progress with the building of the 70 houses. The chairman promised the member of the public that the item would be discussed at the next meeting and that it would be on the next Agenda.


The Trust that operates Herstmonceux Museum had approached the Parish Council in good faith, hoping for help of any kind and suggestions if any were identified, but most especially not asking for any kind of monetary relief as a burden to the ratepayer.


The Parish Clerk published the Minutes of this meeting, but the member of the public that spoke during the allotted time disputes the accuracy of those minutes and is asking for the record to be corrected before the next full council meeting set for the 12th of December 2016.


An email has been sent to Mr Stewart, Councillor Bill Bentley (ESCC), Councillor Laurence Keeley (ESCC), Simon Goacher and of course Clare Harrison, the clerk to this council, asking for them to correct the minutes and include all of the points raised by both sides.







According to the Companies House (Beta) website Ian Michael Alexander Stewart has had a total number of 8 appointments. His date of birth is given as: March 1950 making him 66 years old. According to the internet Mr Stewart has been married for many years to Sue Stewart. He is said to have two grown up children. Ian retired as a partner at Heringtons on the 31st March 2016. He now works two days a week for this company on residential and commercial property work as a consultant. These are Mr Stewart's appointments as listed on an official Government website:




Company status - Active 

Correspondence address: Chestnut Lodge, West End, Herstmonceux, Hailsham, East Sussex, BN27 4NZ

Role Active - Secretary - Appointed on 25 January 2008 


Company status: Active 

Correspondence address:

Bank Chambers, 80 High Street, Rye, East Sussex, England, TN31 7JR

Role Resigned - LLP Member

Appointed on 1 October 2012 
Resigned on 31 March 2016 

Country of residence - England 




Company status - Active 

Correspondence address: 39 Gildredge Road, Eastbourne, East Sussex, BN21 4RY

Role Resigned - Director 

Appointed on 21 November 2005 
Resigned on 4 January 2011 

Nationality: British 
Occupation: Solicitor 




Company status: Active 

Correspondence address: Chestnut Lodge, West End, Herstmonceux, Hailsham, East Sussex, BN27 4NZ

Role Resigned, Director 

Appointed on 25 January 2008 
Resigned on 1 December 2009 

Nationality: British 
Country of residence: England 
Occupation: Solicitor 




Company status - Active 

Correspondence address: 39 Gildredge Road, Eastbourne, East Sussex, BN21 4RY

Role Resigned: Director 

Appointed on 8 March 2005 
Resigned on 5 July 2006 

Nationality: British 
Occupation: Solicitor 


Company status - Active 

Correspondence address: Chestnut Lodge, West End, Herstmonceux, Hailsham, East Sussex, BN27 4NZ

Role Resigned - Director 

Appointed on 9 October 1997 
Resigned on 3 December 2002 

Nationality: British 
Country of residence: England 
Occupation: Solicitor


Company status: Active 

Correspondence address: 39 Gildredge Road, Eastbourne, East Sussex, BN21 4RY

Role Resigned: Director 

Appointed on 18 August 1994 
Resigned on 1 May 1995 

Nationality: British 
Occupation: Solicitor 




Company status: Active 

Correspondence address: 39 Gildredge Road, Eastbourne, East Sussex, BN21 4RY

Role Resigned: Director 

Appointed before 31 December 1990 
Resigned on 11 January 1991 

Nationality: British 
Occupation: Solicitor 











It remains to be seen who on this reconfigured council are friends of the in-progress restoration of the old generating buildings in Lime Park. In the past councillors like Brian Jarman bent over backwards to accommodate the agendas of Ian Kay and Vic Scarpa, who had been instrumental in formulating what amounted to a conspiracy to pervert the course of justice, in the deception of the Secretary of State's Inspector Raymond Portal Dannruether RN in 1986/7. The point here is that such councillors are just puppets, more interested in getting a few brownie points and keeping their positions locally by kissing a few civil servant butts - that actually standing up for what is right when it matters.


This was revealed between 1998 and 2000, when the true history of the Generating Works slowly unraveled as archaeologists trawled over the wooden building to find that it was the genuine article. You can imagine the effect that this news had on Douglas Moss, Chistine Nuttall and David Phillips - who had themselves conspired to pervert the course of justice, in the case of Doug Moss and David Phillips, going so far as to falsify the date attribution on photographs to make it appear that the occupier was in breach of an Enforcement Notice - that is in fact defective on several counts and a false instrument. These officers had built their careers and and Wealden's re-charge budgets on harassing the former occupier.


The Trust have paid no heed to the previous goings on. They are more concerned with conservation and finding a reasonable and beneficial use to pay for the upkeep and repairs to this marvel of modern science. The Parish Council have been invited to adopt a similar stance in the interests of conservation.


So far their attitude has been positively negative. The Chairman is more interested in dotting "i" and "t's" for his chums at Wealden DC than caring for the history on his doorstep.



Herstmonceux Museum in East Sussex, England


HERSTMONCEUX MUSEUM - At the turn of the century some more enlightened souls followed the work of Thomas Alva Edison in the USA, and other pioneers of electricity for lighting and installed their own private generating facilities in the UK. Charles de Roemer, an electrical engineer, constructed this substantial complex in Lime Park based on coal that was used to produce combustible gas for an internal combustion engine. By 1982, this building was falling over and would have done so, except for the occupation of another engineer who recognised the industrial find and took the trouble to shore up the structure - so beginning the long climb to get this valuable historic asset the recognition that it deserves.




DISCRIMINATION - It is unlawful to discriminate against any person or organisation, with reference to Article 14 of the Human Rights Act 1998. That said, preferential treatment appears to be routinely given to some members of the community, while Wealden DC use their position of trust to give others a very rough ride to foster the finances of those they may have helped in the past for consideration of another kind. Consideration does not always have to be the folding stuff. It can be the grant of a planning permission.


The pictures above are some examples of planning consents (or development agreed as being permitted) that has been granted in and around Lime Park, Herstmonceux. In the case of Lime and Oak View [lower right], this is a massive house built on green belt without any suggestion of affordability or other special circumstances. Double garages is a luxury not a necessity. Compare the cooperation of Wealden in the procurement of these consents, with the 500,000 of taxpayers money spent to prevent the restoration of Herstmonceux Museum in days gone by. Anyone looking at the facts would have to question why this council is acting so perversely - when planning permission all around the site is being given for much larger developments. To include a grant for 70 houses in the adjacent field. You might ask if the builders were connected in any way with any council member - and if they were - if suitable declarations were made.





Ian Stewart

Mr Ian Stewart (Chairman)
Chestnut Lodge
West End
Herstmonceux BN27 4NZ

01323 833450

Josephine Angear

Mrs Josephine Angear
Church Road
Herstmonceux BN27 1RJ

01323 832210

 Heather Kenward

Mrs Heather Kenward
West End House
West End
Herstmonceux BN27 4NL

01323 833509

Ms Angela Ashley
22 Fairfield
East Sussex BN27 4NE

01323 832789

Mrs Jenny Alder

Mrs Jenny Alder
Joes Lane
Windmill Hill BN274TN 

01323 832329

Michael Goodsell

Mr Michael Goodsell
Little Hollingwood
Chilsham Lane
Herstmonceux BN27 4QQ

01323 832178

Bryan Naish

Mr Bryan Naish
Cobwebs, 29 Pippin Close
Orchard View
Windmill Hill BN27 4TU 

01323 833747

 Stephen Nash

Mr Stephen Nash
1 The willows
Gardner Street
Herstmonceux BN27 4TQ

01323 833203

Malcolm Bradshaw

Mr Malcolm Bradshaw
The Willows
West End
Herstmonceux BN27 4NL

01323 833365

Catherine Sterling-Reed

Mrs Catherine Sterling-Reed
Stone's Meadow
Bagham Lane
Herstmonceux BN27 4NA

01323 833308

Max von Barnholt Krag

Mr Max von Barnholt Krag
Primrose Cottage
Chapel Row
Herstmonceux BN27 1RB

01323 832917



Finance Officer

Simon Goacher

Mr Simon Goacher
Old Road
Magham Down
Hailsham BN27 1PR

01323 843210
Mob: 07802 416840
Fax: 01323 843210


Wealden District Council - District Councillor

 Andrew Long

Mr A Long
Allis Farmhouse
Marklye Lane
Rushlake Green
Heathfield TN21 9QH

Tel: 01435 830164
Mob: 07654 306738


East Sussex County Council - County Councillors

 Bill Bentley

Mr William Bentley
15 Sandbanks Close
Hailsham BN27 3TJ

Tel: 01323 442582


 Laurence Keeley

Mr Laurence Keeley
6 Fairfield
Herstmonceux BN27 4NE

Tel: 01323 832660








Mrs Clare Harrison (time for change already)
The Parish Office
Herstmonceux Village Hall
Hailsham Road
Herstmonceux BN27 4JX 

Tel: 01323 833312
Email: clerk@herstmonceuxparish.org.uk











































The Old Rectory, Lime Park, East Sussex


FORMER STABLES - Wealden might say to one owner that they don't need permission to change the appearance of the outside of a building, such as the change from clay peg tiles to cement tiles on the Old Rectory in Lime Park - that completely changed the appearance of the stable keepers cottage. Then again, they might treat another occupier in Lime Park unfavourably, demanding a planning application for works that are in reality a permitted development, such as repairs to pre-existing woodwork.


Unfavourable treatment = discrimination in English law, as per the famous case of Kelly Davis a father of two, of Bath, won his civil action against the now defunct Wansdyke District Council last year when a Judge at Bristol County Court ruled that planning officers had "conducted themselves in a consistently unhelpful and obstructive fashion" in refusing to grant him planning permission for work on his home between 1989 and 1991. In this case the award of damages was 750,000.


HERINGTONS - Heringtons is the trading name of Heringtons LLP which is a limited liability partnership registered in England and Wales (registered number OC374843) and which is authorised and regulated by the Solicitors Regulation Authority (registered number 569513). Registered office: Bank Chambers, High Street, Rye. TN31 7JR Our professional indemnity insurers are AmTrust Europe Limited of No 2, Minster Court, Mincing Lane, London EC3R 7BB and the territorial cover of that insurance is worldwide.  Heringtons have five branches that cover a lot of the south coast from Rye to Eastbourne. You can contact Heringtons at these addresses:

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Bank Chambers
80, High Street
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Telephone : 01797 222955
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DX 82000 Rye






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