AFTER six and a half years at the helm of St Albans district council, chief executive Daniel Goodwin is leaving tomorrow.

He is moving from the district council which he joined in 2006 to become executive director for finance and policy at the Local Government Association.

His role will be temporarily taken on by the current deputy chief executive for public services, James Blake, leaving the other deputy chief executive, Coim O’Callaghan, who is responsible for finance to concentrate on the council’s 2013/14 budget.

Mr Goodwin’s departure is the catalyst for an internal restructure which will combine the chief executive’s role with one of the two deputy chief executive roles.

It means that both Mr Blake and Mr O’Callaghan can apply for the chief executive vacancy.


FAO: Lord Irvine                                                        FAX REF. 020 7210 8780
The Lord Chancellors Department
Public Legal Services Division 
Selbourne House
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                                                                                                29 May 2002
Dear Lord Irvine




Further to my recent correspondence, pleased find enclosed copy of my letter to Constable Crichton, of Hailsham Police Station dated 27th May 2002, concerning the 181st Council site visit.

The failure of the funding system to avail me of a fair hearing concerning my civil rights has now demonstrably put me at risk as to a possible criminal prosecution. Could I ask for your assurance of a fair (fully funded) trial in that event?

If, as I requested (applied for) some 15 months ago I had been funded for a declaration as to the nullity of this Council’s enforcement and other decisions, it would not have been possible for their officers to continue their vendetta. This would have been the most cost effective solution in my opinion and put an end to the misuse of local authority (public) funds some Council officers are indulging in to protect their reputations and nurse the lie.

I have again been placed in a position to challenge any normal persons private life. The intrusion and unrelenting and ongoing stress and uncertainty are cancerous to other more positive aspects of my career as an inventor/design engineer.

The Access to Justice Act, while it might make some lawyers rich on routine cases involving accident has the reverse effect for people seeking justice in matters of public law. Lawyers appear to prefer easy pickings and where they can pick and choose, they do choose: to leave the more specialised areas of law alone. This fact should have been considered and catered for by our Government, or perhaps our Government were more interested in conserving funds for propaganda purposes!

Yours sincerely                                                                                    *Attachments

C.C. Rt Hon Gregory Barker MP
Steve Orchard LSC
Sussex Police
Cllr Brian West

Nelson Kruschandl





Many people with good cause to complain make the mistake of going to the LGO, without realising the Ombudsman's role may be to stifle serious complaint, or slow responses sufficiently to cause a potential litigant to lose his window of opportunity for Judicial Review, etc. 


With an estimated 24,000 serious criminal offences committed each year by planning officers, it is pointless making a complaint to the Local Government Ombudsman where he or she is unlikely to be able to award significant damages to justify the effort in putting your complaint, where it is most often the case that the same amount of effort would suffice for a successful and substantial claim



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