You cannot argue two opposing points of law at the same time to seek to gain money against property taxes





WAR CRIMINALS - Following Lord Kitchener's new "Scorched Earth" policy (the burning down all Boer homesteads and farms to stop the aid of Boers), many women and children were forcibly moved to prevent the Boers from re-supplying soldiers from their homes. More camps were built and converted to prisons. This relatively new idea was essentially humane in its planning in London but ultimately proved brutal due to its lack of proper implementation.

There were a total of 45 tented camps built for Boer internees and 64 for black Africans. Of the 28,000 Boer men captured as prisoners of war, 25,630 were sent overseas. So that most Boers remaining in the local camps were women and children, but the native African camps held large numbers of men as well. Even when forcibly removed from Boer areas, the black Africans were not considered to be hostile to the British and provided a paid labour force.



The Valuation Tribunal Service (VTS) is supposed to be independent, fair and impartial, but from what we have seen they think that they are above the law and can uphold decisions that are illegal in England and Wales.


In a case involving Andrew Corkish, Tracy Nicholson from the Valuation Office and VTS panel members Judith Barnes and Peter Hardcastle, it was explained to the tribunal that was held in the Hastings Council offices, Muriel Matters House on Friday the 7th of September 2018 that a conspiracy to defraud was in progress to which they would become a party to if they upheld a valuation by Andrew Corkish to band a building in residential Band E, where that building could not be used for residential purposes by virtue of an enforcement notice that prevented residential occupation legally.


Shortly after this hearing the Wealden District Council (WC) pursued a summons seeking monies for such occupation where this council knew that such an action was likely to cause loss to their victim Nelson Kruschandl. This appears to us to be part of the long-term agenda of WC to cause financial distress to Mr Kruschandl, as when they tried to bankrupt him over what is now referred to as the Potty Training case, but even that seems rather insignificant compared with the WCs fraudulent obtaining of an the enforcement notice that they have been using for over 30 years to disadvantage their target in a manner that can only be described as Gestapo in manner as if we lived in a Nazi controlled state, for Thomas Hoy and George Morham White lied to Inspector Dannreuther in 1987, to obtain their false instrument.


It did not stop there, J Douglas Moss and Chezel Bird, together with Victorio Scarpa, with Ian Kay and Ashley Brown and Derek Holness in the background, continued to nurse the lie before Raymond Michael in 1997, turning what might have been simple negligence (misfeasance) into malfeasance, where misfeasance is a civil wrong and malfeasance is a criminal act.


Sussex police refused to investigate these issues in 1997 when a petition led to 12 independent complaints of a criminal nature being referred to them for investigation. Since then Sussex police have been branded utterly corrupt by virtue of their shooting of Jimmy Ashley in 1998 and the subsequent investigation by Hampshire and Kent constabularies as reported in The Guardian and Hansard.


The failure (or refusal) of Sussex police under Paul Whitehouse, now Giles York, to do their duty has allowed WC to operate illegally for years without fear of being prosecuted. The crime commissioner, Katy Bourne, appears also to be in on the conspiracy where she will not get involved.


The players in this little Nazi Gestapo like charade were:


Andrew Corkish (for VO)

Charlotte Corkish (for VO)

Judith Barnes (VTS panel member)

Peter Hardcastle (VTS panel member)

Tracey Nicholson (for the VO)

Graham Wayman (for WDC)

Jon Bestow (registrar for the VTS)


Other players involved in the conspiracy to defraud over the years included:


Steve Bliss

T. Matthews

Jo Coll






Adolf Hitler


Adolf Hitler

German Chancellor


Herman Goring


Herman Goring



Heinrich Himmler


Heinrich Himmler



Josef Goebbels


Joseph Goebbels

Reich Minister


 Philipp Bouhler


Philipp Bouhler SS

NSDAP Aktion T4


Josef Mengele


Dr Josef Mengele

Physician Auschwitz



Martin Borman


Martin Borman




Adolf Eichmann


Adolph Eichmann

Holocaust Architect



Rudolph Hess


 Rudolf Hess




Erwin Rommel


Erwin Rommel

The Desert Fox



Karl Donitz


Karl Donitz




Albert Speer


Albert Speer

Nazi Architect








Patrick Scarpa, solicitor Wealden District Council David Whibley, enforcement officer Wealden District Council  


Victorio Scarpa, David Whibley, Julian Black, Daniel Goodwin, Christine Arnold


Christine Nuttall, solcitor, Wealden District Council corruption and monument protection English Heritage David Phillips, perjury and corruption Wealden District Council, the Energy Age, Nelson Kruschandl Douglas Moss 


Christine Nuttall, David Phillips, Douglas Moss, Ian Kay, Charles Lant



Abbott Trevor - Alcock Charmain - Ditto - Arnold Chris (Christine) - Barakchizadeh Lesley - Paul Barker - Bending Christopher

Black Julian - Boakes Beverley - Bradshaw Clifford - Brigginshaw Marina - Brown Ashley - Coffey Patrick - Douglas Sheelagh

Dowsett Timothy - Flemming Mike - Forder Ralph - Garrett Martyn - Goodwin Daniel - Henham J - Holness Derek

Hoy Thomas - Johnson Geoff - Kavanagh Geoff - Kay Ian - Kay I. M. - Barbara Kingsford - Lant Charles - Mercer Richard

Mileman Niall - Moon Craig - Moss Douglas, J.Nuttall Christine - Pettigrew Rex - Phillips David - Scarpa Victorio - Scott Trevor

Kevin Stewart - Wakeford M. - Whibley David - White, George - Williams Kelvin - Wilson Kenneth - White Steve





PROCEEDS OF CRIME - Valuation officers who tow the party line are not only highly paid civil servants, but also stand to benefit from their involvement with underhanded dealings in planning consents in other geographical regions where there may be a "you scratch my back, and we'll scratch yours" arrangement. On the other hand, it could be that insider knowledge can be used legitimately to obtain consents for houses in the country such as this nice little retreat in an out of the way location, that might be termed green belt to the man in the street. If a council officer is paid cash for favours or receives 'in-kind' inducements for what amounts to fraudulent or even insider dealing and they are convicted, their assets could be seized by way of proceeds of crime. Is it worth it? Yes, power corrupts. It always will and those in positions of power will sometimes be tempted - because they know that others in their ring of power will protect them when the brown stuff hits the fan.





When an officer of the courts omits to include evidence that he knows is relevant to a hearing, that is termed misfeasance in public office. Where an officer then tries to cover up his or her misfeasance (as did Ian Kay in the Stream Farm matter), that becomes malfeasance. The difference is that misfeasance is a civil wrong, whereas malfeasance is a criminal offence. The leading case precedent on malfeasance is: R. v Bowden 1995 Court of Appeal (98 1 WLR).




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